How to counter 5 jhebbal?


So, i am playing with a friend, got a lot of hours on conan and i joined this server recently with some exploiters, they do harass me in Chat Every Day and they are straight up bullies since they have duped preatty much Everything. Yesterday they summoned 6 gods on me, and I saw that 3 of them was jhebbal, they did some dmg to all my structures, this is bumming me out since i have now wiped a lot of them solo, but theres still 3 clans left farming jhebbal, i have backup bases, but im thinking is multiple bubbles the only way to counter it? To stack so they dont even have time to get to my Base with jhebbal? Its bumming me out that you Farm prot everyday but the Player that have a ton can Easy farm 4 jhebbal a Day ive done it solo.

Don’t even bother putting up a bubble until they patch the game. Bubbles go down randomly and token duping pretty much means anything that can be found will be wiped.

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That is the thing my friend, they have been trying to exploit me but i am not giving up. I Will farm 5 fking bubbles a Day if so to not let this game be filled with toxic kids

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Then i suggest for best luck to pop bubbles 30 minutes before start of raid so it comes up right at the start of raid. Bubbles that are popped way before this time range seem to go down first after a server crash or restart.
Also if you’re not already doing so, use Set for a bubble and craft the snake idols. Much faster and cheaper than harvesting hearts for zeal.
if they can dupe other items then they can and will spam explosive arrows to do splash damage through your bubble. It might take 200 arrows or even more but I’ve seen clans do it. And if they have lots of duped gods they can also quite easily clear your land claim and start counter claiming with the log off / log on trick right next to your base. You are right about them probably being toxic kids but nothing short of the game developer and/or hosting provider banning them or taking legal action is going to deter the worst of the worst in PVP games like these.

Yea popped 3 bubbles and that was enough. Had to grind extra but worth it, right now me and my friends have almost wiped them out, and The server is growing. Our job is done, and never give up!

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P. S :found like 1500 black ice foundation same with all kinds of other structure. Wich i placed out around EM exploiters.

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