How to deal with him?

Greetings Exiles,

I’m new to this forum even though I played a tons of hours in this game.

Yet, for the first time in 3 years now, I’m in front of something both unusual and painful. There’s this guy : Elderan on this official server #1039. He talks and spread the word of his Lord jesus, keep on belittle everyone else, and of course, insulting our “ignorance”.

At last, I used the mute bouton on the player list, every time I logged in.

Anyone of you got tips to ignore him like permanently ?

Thanks for your help !

PS: Forgive me for my english as it’s not my birth language.

Crucify him and put his body into a pit of Yog!
They love martyrdom ^^


Unfortunately, there’s no way to permanently mute anyone. The best you can do is mute him every time you’re both online. Hopefully everyone else will do the same and he’ll get bored and look for another server.

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Is this PVP?
Is it PVE c

Just hunt him down.

If its PVE then mute

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