How to defend against jump exploit

worked hard to make the base and have a good claim but i heard that there is a jump glitch, so people can make a tower and jump to my base from a LONG distance with knowing how to do that and with correct stats, volcano is completely claimed and cant get vathis.

what do you suggest for the roof as a defence against jump glitch users. official pvp server.

got a 6x4 t3 ceiling as a roof now

wait for patch, fall dmg from the 20 agility perk should be fixed according to the testlive patch notes

I don’t see building a tower as a glitch. Plus the fix to the agility perk “Cat Like” is kind of a shame. I would love to see someone use this on me, bc that’s some dedication! Just protect your base more, stack foundations on the roof and honeycomb the foundations with walls.

Place the walls first before the foundations :wink:

No one should survive jumping fron such heigh, not realistic at all.

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You aren’t wrong, but games are supposed to be fun, not a second job. Maybe they can add something for balance, maybe a parachute or a bird you keep on your inventory you can use while falling. You just hold on to it’s feet and it gently floats you down. I’ve always loved the idea of a legendary Phoenix that you can use as a little hunting bird to be a pest to your enemies. Maybe he can be added into the game as like a parachute with a cool down.

Turtle houses are good way to go.

[house] =====[ house] with tunnel connecting the all. XD
No windows.

Its fugly as hell… it prevents peeps from getting in, inless they use your door. XD
You can do a single floor double roof to. So if they manage to glitch thru top roof, they’ll be inside a in-closed floor/room.

hell, throw small hole up top, with 5-6 drop, No way jump/build out… no way out below. XD

I agree, games must be fun, but that is the purpose of choices, in GW2 you got glinding, sparky and flashy stuff, so there, I can jump and fly.

In Conan, I wanna feel barbaric, I wanna see blood in my sword, feel the weight of the weapon, drive away my enemies, and see their Woman lamenting, survive, build abd dominate. I want to live the character I always dreamed when I watched a Conan/middle age movie.

do you mean wall or fence foundation?

If you are able to do fence foundation then I’d do it. But they have to be attached to a foundation and the ground. so walls are a little more flexible

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