How to destroy block completely beneath the earth

I was trying to keep plants from growing, while using cobblestone sidewalks so it’ll blend in. Well. The grass still grows, but now I want to pick up the sidewalk, I cannot find it. I can’t build over it either. Any ideas about how to find/destroy it? I’ve used a hammer, held tab, I can’t see any part of it.

Is this in single player? If yes you can make yourself admin, press shift + insert (or Esc and then click on admin panel) to open the admin panel. On the right side in the middle there is a checkbox called “Ghost”, this let’s you fly around and pass through the floor, you can fly beneath it and pick the object up from there.
To leave the ghose mode simply uncheck the checkbox, but make sure to do that above the floor or else you fall below the map!
In case you are still flying after unchecking the box you can also click on the button “walk” which makes you walk again.

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Unfortunately, it’s on an official server.

If it’s on official, only option is to ensure it’s not close enough to anything that affects it’s decay timer and wait for it to decay.

Decay isn’t going to happen. :frowning:

Can you bomb it with splash damage?

there’s a thought. i will check. i doubt it tho. i’m on pve-c.

what block it is and how deep underground it lies?

it’s cobblestone sidewalk and it’s just under the ground, just barely.

is it connected to ur base?

If you can’t see any part of it than I doubt you will be able to pick it up. I had the same problem with the same piece. I never did get it outta the ground.

cobble stone doesn’t snap to the block next to it, but it is within the range to be considered part of my base.

if ur base is near any aoe boss u can rid of it by pulling that boss to u ( turtles, gorrilas and rottenbranches r the ones that do the bash attack… ) other than that no other way then

Now that’s an idea! Thanks!

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