How to destroy Tier 2-3 foundations?

Is explosives/gods the only way to go?

Nah the best way to go is grease orbs and demon fire imo.
You can also do it with a Treb if you have to.

End game yes Bombs and gods are way to go.

But if you don’t have the materials / levels for that then Use grease orbs.

If you put a stack of 10 grease orbs onto a T3 foundation and refresh it 5 times-6 tiles it will be destroyed.

Alternatively when level 30 I believe? you can craft a siege foundation at the Carpenters bench to make a trebuchet with which you can destroy all Tier buildings ( if no god bubble around it )

Just don’t forget to keep repairing the treb after every 2-3 shots or it will be destroyed!

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