How to destroy wheels of pain as admin

Hi guys, I am pretty new to admin role of a dedicated server. Conan Exiles is my first private server :slight_smile:
Since there is no wipe on our server and no abandonment / decay of buildings, I would like to ask how can I destroy wheels of pains of the players who didn’t log for a long time?
Apparently as an admin I can destroy all elements of buildings except of doors and wheels of pain.
Also is there any possibilty to check who took what from chests?

You can force join their clan and just delete the items as one of them. For the Chest I am not positive. I don’t think so.

those are players without any clan so can I somehow force them to join my clan if they are inactive?

hey there!

well… there is a general admin delete key combination which will delete/ destroy everything that you look at.

just use Shift + Delete at the same time and it will destroy at whatever you look in that moment. Careful though… pressing this a couple of times behind each other, will destroy bigger connected chunks of a structure.

If you have questions, feel free to poke me over the pm system anytime :slight_smile:

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Anyone know the controller version of “Shift + Delete”?

Trying to find a way to delete wheel of pain from PS4 PvE server. Can’t destroy as admin. :frowning: