How to force a playerbase to quit

These people at FC are really trying to force everyone to stop playing CE. Now you have to log in daily or lose all your thralls… IDK if it’s even worth it anymore honestly, the game is a buggy mess at best, my friend from the EU has better ping on US servers and I have better ping than he does to EU servers, AND HE’S IN THE SAME TIME ZONE AS THE SERVER…

But this is outrageous, DAILY thrall decay? Someone at FC basically just doesn’t want a player base on CE anymore. Half my Official server is tearing down their bases and giving the resources to the veteran players who’ve been there forever, and quitting… My clan and I may end up doing the same, this server is going to become a ghost server with just a few players.

“Fix one thing, amputate the other.” sort of mentality, except, I’m not seeing any fixes.

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Maybe it’s due to “funcom online services”? Maybe it’s due to some funcom’s server in the middle?
I am always puzzled when I see that I have 8ms ping to SWTOR server run on Amazon cloud somewhere in UK, and 22ms ping to my private Conan server which stands next to my main rig :upside_down_face:

I’ve never had a LAN ping over 3ms, I think there might be some NIC settings you should tinker with a bit

Additionally, i strongly suggest you google what each thing means before enabling/disabling them. And look into your Router for a DMZ option for the Server machine as uPnP may be great for most everything, it’s kind of a bane with server hosting. You can Port Forward all you want but until you DMZ the server it’s gonna misbehave both WAN and LAN.

Be sure you’ve got decent cables and NIC’s in use too

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It’s not a LAN connection, I connect to it through the server list menu in game, so via the “internet”.
This is why I think it’s something in the middle that is creating higher ping. 22ms is not a lot, but still feels odd when both machines are in the same room hooked to the same router.
Both machines get 4ms-6ms ping on Ookla speed test. But I admit I never researched the config too much, I only followed the guide as to how to set up the server, which ports to forward etc. I’ll try with the new quality cable, the one used by server is ancient.

Wait wait what ? Thrall can decay now , can someone explain what this is ?

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east coast using wifi. I dont have issues on east or west servers. I mainly play on west coast cuz of raid times. EU is a little laggy but playable. Sounds like you guys just have your own issues to sort out. Or people are abusing the servers and causing the lag.

When they nerfed thralls, people stop using them anyways. Maybe spam some trash thralls down. But different mindsets with pvp vs pve servers. Thralls are a waste of time and are cannon fodder during raid time.

Recomendo jogar em servidor privado por ter menos LAG e saber quando será o wipe tem servidor que não faz o wipe antes pessoal achava seguro jogar em servidor oficial que na verdade são públicos, então devem serguir as regras que estão aqui no forum. Lembrando que cada servidor tem sim suas regras para poder jogar e muitos são abetos para todos o meu fica aberto 24/7 para jogadores américa latina

Reis Nordicos -3X- Savage Wilds [BR]

There was a time when thrall pots and feed boxes were there to keep your thralls fed so they don’t decay. Then they realized that was really bad for server performance and got rid of that.

When they got rid of it, they made thralls decay from not logging in. If nobody in the clan logs in for X days, where X is a server setting, all the followers go poof.

It used to be that the building decay was set to 7 days and thrall decay to 15, so most people never even noticed.


oh , That is the DUMBEST move to make for any game. There a good reason why no one does that. Hell I would just assume thrall would just hunt for their own food and cook it …

Thrall doesnt need decay. Ugh private servers are the way to go now. I havent touched official server in a really long time now

They do need a decay, just like buildings. People abuse the decay timers a lot. Place and build stuff all over and long in once a week to refresh it.

Imagine if people placed thralls close to your base on a pve server. You cant killed, move them, or build in that spot on. You can’t even get a name of the clan that own them. They will be there forever to grief you.

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No decay timer, you could even step it up a notch. place thralls/pets, leave clan, make a new one and place more :smiley:

honestly if pvp were enable , that make for a cool ass never ending use of explosive and raid sort like making your own event for the server :smiley:

But i get what you mean … but honestly timer of thrall should start after the building is decay and gone.

That is how it is on official servers decay for thralls is longer than buildings problem is people have to refresh buildings by going to them. Thralls refresh by just logging on no interaction needed could be any where on server. Have seen hundreds along the river with no apparent owner just taking up space. @Dragoonduneman

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The series of mistakes is reason enough to ditch Official Servers and go to private entirely. The server latency is dismal to begin with, more than 5 players online and your thralls go braindead for combat, more than 10 players and mobs derp out. Then there’s the old Siptah bug that everyone thinks is only from AoS, but is as old as 2021, then there’s this latest blunder…

How do you manage to change a setting that you have no business touching in the first place? Does FC rebuild the entire server config for each update? I get there’s work, but then there’s needless wasted effort. Just keep a master config and change what is NEW to change, and LEAVE THE REST ALONE. This isn’t rocket science, this is general server management practice! You don’t completely reformat the managed switch and rebuild the settings everytime you want to add an endpoint to the cluster, no!

I’ll be dusting off my antique Dual Socket G34 server and hosting my own CE:DS looking forward to premium performance!

premium performance by playing by yourself. All private servers suck, they all lag at some point. Conan isnt meant for big player bases.

Yes, they do. To many instances of buildings going POOF due to decay and thralls hovering in the air and standing around all over the place which meant that no one else could build there even though the base is gone the space is still claimed. It was a HUGE problem.


They call it an MMO and the game craps out at 5 players, how do you even consider that MMO?

I’m expecting Dune to be in the same style too, especially with how stingy FC is with their hosting.

I’m not sure I follow your logic, but perhaps you didn’t read what was posted before you, it’s ok, I for one know how difficult english can be for many. But you are welcome to join me and my friends in my server to “play by myself” if you wish.

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I’ve seen player bases “undecay” it’s quite jarring, you see all the thralls there floating in the air, and then a week later the player logs in and suddenly the base starts taking shape under their feet. Complete bases just popping into existence made completely of Stormglass, that weren’t there the day before. Would be one thing if it just all popped in, but it took 2 whole days to slowly spawn in, and suddenly there’s a miniature version of the city of Atlantis from StarGate Atlantis next to my brothers base.

I cut my own CAT6 cables, and recently did a couple Shielded CAT6 cables for the longer runs and the one from the Modem to the Main router, that dropped the latency by a whole 1ms. Usually I’m around 17ms out here in the sticks of Wisconsin.
Unfortunately there’s not a lot one can do when forced to use the Spectrum Router or face losing all Internet entirely, really hate that fact, but I’m happy with my 360dn 12up using their router, it was 200dn 5up using our own. Yes Spectrum tried spinning how that’s not how it works, but in practice that is exactly how it worked out. They try saying “you’re using too many routers” or “Their router isn’t designed for that kind of load” Listen bud, when you spend as much time with your feet in Network and Communications management, and have built your own server AND router, then i’ll listen to you, but until you get off your script and into your own knowledge on the subject, I’ll stick to my college education. Even the service tech’s who come out to do the routine of “make sure it really is ISP side” see my network and are in awe of my level. Their first thought is “you have how many routers setup?” and when i give them the beginners guide to how to convert a router to a switch/AP, their jaws drop and they start taking notes.

I even have my server direct connected with an SFP+ DAC 10Gbps link, which makes my direct connection sub 1ms to my server if i connect with that adapter.

Try direct connecting to your server’s Local IP next time, just cut out the Steam server DNS system and you should be golden.

I logged in earlier, and seen that the Thrall decay timer is no longer 15, but instead now it is 10. So what happened is someone decided to half ass their job and while intending to change it to 10 they just deleted the 5 from 15 and called it a job well done.

Good job FC.
Too bad OS#1727 is dead and Offline RN.

Interesting hiccup in server management.
Using this to monitor the server…
Appears to be online again.

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