How to get different rock noses (gold and silver)



question :

how do we get gold and silver rocknoses ?

not even sure if they will take gold dust kibble food (with shadeblooms as babies?)

there is NO and i mean absolutely NO information on how to make them. or what kind of shadebloomed food should be used for the desirable result?



Yes they will take the gold/silverdust kibble.
I have tried it in SP, and after the second try (5 at a time) ive got 2 Golden Rocknoses.
So it should not take that long with the dust kibbles.


Now all we need are ostriches that lay ‘golden eggs’ and we’ll be set to rule Sepermeru. :wink:


hi is this for a mod? :slight_smile:

ive only found the Rocknoses in desert, which usually give me Stone (but sometimes brimstone and crystals too) - i did get a couple of Rocknose heads (or Rockdonkeys as i know them) :slight_smile: but i cant make the trophy for those yet, and usually always need brimstone and crystals, but found a Brimstone cave recently.


We dont talk about wild Rocknoses,
we are talkin about them rasing in a pen.


The gold / silver rocknose are part of the pet system. Rare, however.


oh ok thanks both for the info :slight_smile:

“step into the light shydoza” :smiley: joke i heared that in game


and those produce gold/silver?


Actually when “we” players were told a few details about the petsystem, they also told that baby animals may grow up as better version instead of the regular ones.
So a baby rocknose in your pen has a chance (which is risen by I think shadespiced food?) to grow into silver or gold rocknoses. The rate at which those made silver or gold from stone wasnt too well though… :confused:


Yes but, not on a good rate.
They produce stone, iron or gold/silverore.
They need 1 stone as food, then after 10 min you will get one stone, ironore or gold/silverore, each with a lesser chance, the stone works as food again.
In Single Player (blink of an eye crafting time), it took approximately 500 cycles, for 100 stone, to get ride of all the stone, with an outcome of 78 ironore and 22 goldore.
So in just 4 days one rocknose produce this amount of stuff. (normal crafting time)


thanks for the detailed info, I don’t think it is worth the effort, I may do it for gold if I get really, really bored, I have to find a way to implement this unecceserily oversized thing into my base first, something I’m NOT looking forward to


well i got 3 gold vein rocknoses in the pens, and NOT A SINGLE gold ore yet.

its producing rocks and ironore.

wait do i need to feed it with gold to produce gold? or whats the point of having 4 different rocknoses?


Detailed information is now on the Pet page on the Official Wiki. Follow to the Animal Pen page for extended recipes.


They do produce gold from stone. But it’s glacially slow (that’s okay). Bigger problem is that their expiry timer keeps running even in the pen.