How to get your thrall to help kill the Abyssal Remnant

OK, I accidentally found out how to get your thrall to help kill the Abyssal Remnant.


I give all my base defense thralls a stack of javelins just in case any raiders choose to stand on top of something to avoid getting killed. I took one of these thralls to the abyssal remnant who was bugging out due to server issues but the thrall dutifylly went into the acid, weilded the javelin and took half the abyssal remnants health throwing 6 javelins before the boss woke up and let me hit it.

There you go, give your thrall a couple a stacks of javelins and it will kill the abyssal remnant.

Have fun, and feast on that delicious abyssal flesh.


Any ranged weapon works. I just give them whatever bow I have on me and let them shoot the infinite default arrows at it. I just circle the remnant with a shield and wait for it to land then attack.

Thing is, with the javelin it will use it to melee attack as well. It will also throw… but it will also melee attack as long as it still has javelins.

Will it actually melee attack against the remnant? I’ve never had a thrall attack it correctly. If so, then yeah javelin is a game changer.

i’ve seen mine just walk straight into the acid. just walk straight into the acid and start chopping.

worked just fine.

Yes it will. The thrall wields the javelin while swimming. The thrall both throws and melees as long as it has enough javelins it will continue the melee attack.

Usually mines goes straight int he acid too and… do nothing. At least yours was doing sumthang ^^

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