How to go into season two properly


So I thought how to dress up for season two and play the new story…until I realized I already knew what to take.
I present the #MarchOfThePenguins:

Basically why I made the thread is to be a bit silly and encourage a mass spread of penguins in south africa. Not sure if it really takes of but I was like: “Eh, what is the worst that can happen.”

How to join in: If you have it wear the penguin onesie and explore the new story with it (or old content if you aren’t ready for the new one yet and want to spread the insanity). Spreading of this mad little community shenanigans is highly appriciated. Can we fill the game with penguins and get a proper march going?


That escalated quickly…


Aw, I don’t think I ever got around to getting the onesie since I never thought I’d have a good reason to wear it. Silly me. I’ll check when I’m in game, but good luck either way.

(Sidenote, I’ve had people come into my store IRL wearing animal onesies. Has yet to ruin my immersion in real life, just kinda made me chuckle. :wink: )


Now, I was gonna say ‘Drunk’.


I never change my outfit and this tempts me to dust off the Unicorn Head with Krampus top and bottom with the costume angel wings…

It really is a pretty hilariously atrocious combination…


I would say…what are you waiting for XD


Oh I was volunteering in London once and a kangaroo walked up next to me (London 2012 aussie) so seen animal suits in rl


My zoo back home posted a video of an African penguin chick today, and I immediately thought of this thread. Did not realize there is, in fact, a type of penguin that lives in South Africa. The more you know! :slight_smile:


Sit there for a while.


I actually totally agree.
That’s why I love the low number of people in an area (besides Agartha).


Out of curiosity, how does a resurrecting underworld sorceror dress in real life?