How To Have A Thread Removed?

Yesterday I posted a new thread.
It would seem to have caused some members of this community real and lasting grief.
This was never my intent and I would like to know how I can have the Thread removed completely.
I come from a very rural background, having worked as, among many other things, a farm hand, fisherman, and in roadkill removal.
The thing which caused you such pain was simply an ordinary, unremarkable part of life for me.
I hope you all will forgive me and I will run future posts through friends and family first to prevent this ever happening again.


It appears the thread in question has been removed. Although generally reporting a thread will bring it to a moderators attention.

Just to add, thanks for the explanation about the post, it puts things into context. I realise it wasn’t intended to upset and appreciate you explaining things.


For future reference, you click the three dots at the bottom of your post, then the flag and if you choose “something else” from the list of report reasons, you get a box to type in where you can explain what’s up.

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If someone posts a thread of a video with a person actually getting their brains blown out, I would report it, Nordavind. Hopefully that isn’t the kind of content you want to see here.


Since this is talking about a post that was made in this forum, I’m not entirely sure what you were trying to say here.

In reality, only one of those things is OK (nipples of all genders)

I can push the boat out to beef coz i do like a bit of beef, however - you can keep your pork.

The posting of a video of the latter, which involved the process you are referring to, probably wouldn’t be OK either.
Nor would i want to see it.

In this forum, and in this case, none of those things are OK and irrelevant to SWL (we can and have talked about the covering of nipples many times over in relation to SWL - it serves mainly as a point of humour for some and quite light hearted)

When it comes to death of any living creature, be it human or animal - wild or domestic, it really has no place here.
There are other places on the internet where you are free to post and view such things, if that is your desire.

If however, with your first comment, you are referring to the maturity rating of this game, where the people (who are fictional, not real and cartoon pixel formations i.e the skewered people on poles in SD and Rakashas strung up in the crucible and our toons toting guns blowing other toons and filthy creatures up) are nothing in comparison to an actual real living creature.
That, That comparison… actually scares me.

Which is why i personally was concerned for what would come next if such a post was deemed as “OK” to post.
I don’t want that type of content here either.
I’m sure nobody else does either.

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Ok, we had a Thread Like this and he was not usefull so I close this one too.