How to make a rhino in exil lands to a riedeabel rhino

I have a tamed rhino in my fridge and made the new food but i dont can transmorhp it what i do wrong?

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There are multiple types of rhinos in Sipath. In ConanExiles you don’t have the right type. If you are on a private server or playing offline you could admin them in but you would need to have purchased Sipath. Sorry I already tried to admin in on my server during last weekend @Bearhunter

I have buyed the sipta dlc and was think i still abel to do it in the exil lands like i can craft the saddels and the food but yea found it on the wiki in siphta ther is other rhino calfs then in the exil lands :disappointed_relieved::sleepy:

Realy so only a gray adult rhino ? And i can make it to a rideabel rhino in the exils land

Mm ok i will try that but a mighty ore a turan carawan rhino not work or?

You are saying on Exiles with out owning Sipath you can have a rideable rhinos. I tried to admin in one wouldn’t let me of course they were Sipath rhinos. @drachenfeles . Wish I had known. Thanks

No he means you nead the dlc to be abel to craft the rhino saddel to make a adult rhino whit the saddel to a riedeabel rhino

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The ability to craft a rideable rhino is locked with sitpah’s dlc , but if you own the dlc you can make it in exiles land - since you just need normal grey rhinos ( in inventory , like the other dlcs pet ) and the fodder/DLCgruel on both map :wink:


Thanks @Bearhunter and @Bearhunter that is what I thought. A friend has started server for Sipath similar to mine looking forward to joining. Thanks Everyone

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