How to make a single player game work

I’ve been wondering how I can create a single player game that most closely resembles official servers. I know that some people here like to play single player. Has anyone written a manual on what kind of server settings you should if you want to play without cheating? Some problems I ran into while playing single player are:

  1. Thrall and pet convertions timers
  2. Star metal meteors

run dedicated server from your local PC, either directly or from a VM

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I play mostly official pvp.

But I also keep a private game going.
I find setting harvesting to 3x is closest to harvesting rates on official PVP servers.
That is based on amount harvested with the same tool on the same node.

I like to set the Day night timer for longer days and shorter nights. D =1.5, N = 0.5

I set the eat drink timer and food spoilage to what I feel is a bit more realistic,
and increase durability slightly.

And lastly the thrall / pet tame to very fast. This is the only setting I change if I run a server.
The reason it’s fast on single play is because in single play logging out shuts the game down.
24 hour tames are not viable, if you don’t want to leave everything running.

SP - thrall crafting time 0.1
SVR - thrall crafting time 0.8

Play around with the numbers until you find what you feel is comfortable to you.
Just remember for time settings lower numbers are faster.


For me the main change is pet and thrall taming timers - I generally go for between 0.333 and 0.5 - this still leaves it feeling like it takes a decent length of time, but not forever… In my current game I’m noticing that the pet timer feels a bit fast (currently 0.333 - I think I need to shift it back up to 0.5).

Resource-wise, I find 2x harvest helps bring the grind down just a little, but I also go with 0.75 - 0.8 crafting cost multiplier - it still leaves the work for getting all the alchemic base and things that you only use one of in a recipe, but it just helps bring down the cost of those ‘big ticket’ items to more manageable levels, without having to go overboard on the encumbrance. (I find going with higher harvest levels can make you encumbered too fast). (It does also have the side-effect that ‘crafting on the run’ doesn’t work so well, since many items get slightly heavier when constructed instead of lighter - because they’re composed of fewer ingredients, but the finished item is the same weight as always.)

Star Metal - honestly I’ve never had a great problem (at least in the Exiled Lands) - it’s generally just a matter of spending an hour or two in the area of the Mounds/Outcast Camp, or up near the Frost Forge (pretty much anywhere in the area seems to be good enough, so there’s plenty to do while you wait). If all else fails, try building somewhere near where meteors should fall, but outside the area you’ve ever seen them hit - if it goes to pattern, the game will wait till you’re nearly finished building, then drop meteors directly on you :wink: (At least, it’s done that to me twice, lol.)


Most of that is Chinese to me. I found this tutorial video, is it the same thing?

it’s… maybe, but more puzzling then anything,
to run server locally you just need to download launcher, place exe where you want and run it, fill the text fields, check connectivity and firewall, fire it up and wait for installation to complete and you’re good to go, you don’t need to worry about forwarding and stuff cause you’ll be playing solo anyway

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Most of default settings are same. Outside a few.

Like mention above, Pet/Thrall tame timer can be lowered.
(I play heavily single player myself)
0.500 is about 20-30min give or take. (t4’s are about 6hours) Most of Pets take 20mins to eat food, making Gold rocknose farm somewhat useful. (console users can’t slider bar… so were stuck with 0.500 gaps… )

Damage I set to 2.0 (not official by any means… ) Your by yourself and it cuts back some of dragged out fight that can happen. Long as you keep weapons upto-date. I find it enjoyable.

Depending on version of game, some of spawn setting differ greatly. On Consoles, how memory of system works decides what happen in your general area. Star metal on PC, far as I’m aware is 6hours.
On consoles, there no visable timer. I can start game up stare at sky and see a shower of them 5mins or never… yays RNG. I’ve had 2-3 in 30mins just riding south and north.

Other things like spawns, arent connected to a server, So there no feedback.
Most things on default will re-pop 30mins if nothing is blocking it.
If you travel far enough away and back will cause it to all respawn.
Example “The Den” you can walk down to Oasis and run right back up to find everything, even chests respawned within few mins. (and even see corpses left behind) Instead of 30min wait.

But, since its just you fighting thru it all… not sure its really not worthy as cheat. Compared to working with others to clear it out.

Most of other setting, I don’t mess with to much.
I knock Stam down to 0.5. (its pet peeve that a unfit human being with no legs can out run a physically fit game character…)

Land Claim down to .25-.33 No one to fight for land, and its nice to have some of trees and bushes not despawn on lawn. (.33 is about 3 foundations out)

Spawn timer don’t mean much in SP, since there cleared out via distance. (fair warning, Place New Asgard, can respawn one side of itself do to size of it)

Fuel Burn I set to 2.0. Only so much bark and wood you can gather for fuel over and over before I loss my mind. (again, no one play with in SP, so you kinda have to find short cuts to fill in gathering gaps)


Some good tips there - one minor point worth raising, since I believe you play on console -

The default distancing has been altered some time in the last couple of updates on PC, so the land claim radius is already smaller than it was. This shouldn’t cause a problem or anything, but does mean settings may turn out to be a little closer than expected :wink:

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