How to make the nordheimer armour?

Anyone know how to make the nordheimer fighter III armour? Do I have to unlock it somehow or? Thanks

If your taking about the cimmerian Armor that only comes as epic and can only be made in the improved armorers bench you have to be lvl 60 to make it

Well also if you go to the mounds of the dead and farm the thralls there they drop it also it may take a while to get a full set and even then the durability is almost low you will need to repair it or get someone you know that’s lvl 60 to repair it for you … or you can use it till it break and repair it when you get to lvl 60

All you have to do is learn the recipe in feats, it’s called Vanir Heavy Armor. It’s got the best AC until you can make epic, so very worthwhile to spend the points.

I thought about that Armor but I figured he could see it in feats so I presumed he meant the cimmerian Armor since he can’t see that till 60

The vanir armors can be learned at lvl 40 from the armorer feats. There’s 3 sets : 1 light, 1 intermediate and 1 heavy.

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