How to negate building damage?

There is a bug in my game, when I repair damaged building parts, when I log off and back on again, the damage is reset. So I can never actually repair anything unless I replace it.
I turned building damage as low as possible but it seems that you can’t set it to 0. On PC I believe you can, but not on PS4?
Any way around this? My things never stay fixed. :frowning:

I did make a thread about this before but there were no replies so now I just want to know how to negate building damage.

…aaand now things stay repaired…glad of it of course, but I don’t get why it wasn’t working for like two weeks? Does it have to do with logging off right after repairing or what? I repaired stuff last time and kept playing, logged off then back on and the building pieces stayed repaired, unlike before. Did 1.42 magically fixed things? :smiley:

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