(How to overcome this loss.) Atlantean Sword & Conan’s Royal Armor

Some people asked for the DLC, but I believe it will never be released!

Now try to imagine a person who buys everything from the game just to complete it! find something impossible to obtain. :frowning:

In administrator mode, there is the possibility of Conan’s Royal Armor. Please take this off, I can’t stand receiving the message “FAILED SPAWNING 1 X GAME ITEM 800 *”

Suggestion: Don’t see items that we don’t own or just Don’t see those that are impossible to obtain.

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Unfortunately that loss is unlikely to be overcome:

By the MoSCoW criteria for prioritisation:

Must have
Should have
Could have
Won’t have

I suspect that adding a filter to hide those items that a player doesn’t own would be considered a “won’t have” in terms of coding priority, as it would have no effect on most users’ play.


Where u play? Single player or a server? I could help with those, so let me know plz


It is not that big of a loss, I think. I have it, but never craft it anymore. It looks good and is very light for a medium armor, but even the epic version gives less points (in encumberance) than all the other free ones do. So it has only cosmetic value…


For those with OCD, it is torture. So I really wanted them to be removed from the list of those who don’t have them.


I play both! Any tip is worth it. Let it be Mods or unofficial modes. I spent the day looking for a way to have a steam key for this dlc.

had to look that up first:

because my problems are rather of another nature :smile::

So yeah, I can see how it can be annoying that you cannot spawn that in. All the more if you are admin or in single player, I see no reason why it should not be possible. Or else, why not remove it from the list?..


Send me a pm with the server u r on .

Greetings Dovah. I know how you feel, and you are not alone. We have a couple of members who have OCD here; myself being one of them. Mine has never been extreme or debilitating, but annoying as hell at times sure, so I can understand and appreciate why this bothers you. Myself and another such user discussed it in the thread below if you would like to see some of my quirks (post no.8 is a good example).

Now in with business. In regards to this:

Its actually not just Conans Royal Armor, there was a second pre-order bonus, the Atlantean Sword. The armor was the pre-order bonus for the digital copy, whereas the sword was the bonus for the physical copy.

Personally, I would rather Funcom just make them both available as DLC for you. I mean it been 2 years now! Furthermore, numerous other games I own have now made their pre-order bonuses DLC, such as Resident Evil 2 and Mortal Kombat X. I would love to help you out, however I am a purely Offline Singleplayer (ps4). Hopefully @Ragnaguard can help.

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You can even see the sword in the image I posted. (above the armor), this is frustrating.

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Whoops, I somehow failed to notice that. And yeah I can imagine. Im not sure if Ragnaguard has one or both. But if you still cannot find someone with one item or the other you can use ‘@’ community to see if anyone else has the other and would be willing to make it for you. Either way good luck with it Dovah.

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I have both @Croms_Faithful,
and as i have stated in another topic given the materials i would gladly hop in any server and craft em for anyone…
also i am someone who strongly believes that they should be released as a dlc for all to have. The reason i bought and play this game is far from just owning a dlc that noone else has, and even if everyone else buys it, my advantage over others is that when i aquired em i got em for free… Also even if everybody will buy it, it wont be taken away from me… so why not?


No problems Ragnaguard. I love your attitude towards this issue too. Im being serious too; no sarcasm intended. I also agree that its time to release the Atlantean Sword and Royal Armor as a DLC pack. I also happen to own both (yes, meaning I brought the game twice :crazy_face:), and I have no objections to it.

Correct answer! :white_check_mark: We also got to use them 2 years earlier than everyone else. To me that is more than good enough. Considering the game has recently become more difficult for new players, and they are only really useful at low levels, Im also all for providing new players with a leg up.


This is unheard of for me, a game that spends so much time keeping a DLC in limbo.

I do not believe that they release, it is past time. Because little by little this “DLC” is falling by the wayside. I’ve never seen anyone using them. :psyduck:

The reason it is not used is that what this dlc is about is nowhere near OP… even the armour has no flawless version giving only a +5 encumbrance bonus… the main reason it is valuable is sentimental reasons cause some of us (not as young as u believe ) were reading conan comics way before it was even a movie and helding the sword that our childhood’s barbarian held in the 1st movie or walking around in an armour that we seen so many times drawn in black and white (yep no colour in early days comics) reminds us a small fraction of those marvellous days, back when dragons were giant lizzards and all could be solved with a sword… That is what makes this dlc valuable (ofc my opinion)


DLC (The Riddle of Steel) is basically what you said, and I bought it! Why?

Because I met Conan through the movies and then went after books and comics, everything in relation to Conan I already took a look. I’ve been a fan for a long time! 20 years or more as a fan. And I’m sad that I can’t have those pieces. I’m not even a fan of games, but this game was a big exception, because the type of game I played was (the sims). I’ve read everything that is in the game looking for references.



Had the sword once from a code in the XBox-edition, uninstalled the game for a while back in the “2-broken-2-be-played” days, re-installed it later, the dlc is gone. Wrote funcom about it, never got an answer…

I suppose, they could just give it to us, but they probably won’t.

Happy Easter and have a nice day everybody…

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Some things you just cant change.
All games have retired items, I dont thing FUncom is going to take coding time away from the update to fix something that is not broken.

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Sadly, it is not as uncommon as one may think. Some games never release their pre-order bonuses. For some further examples. At the one end we have games like the aforementioned RE2 remake and MK-X. Whereas at the other end of the spectrum there are games like The Evil Within, which had ‘The Fighting Chance’ pack pre-order bonus.

The bonus gel and the medkit were negligable, but the double barrel and 2 new types of agony bolts were extremely useful. I was fortunate enough to obtain this pack, but man I really feel for those who missed out. Lets just hope that the pre-orders for Conan Exiles go the way of the prior two examples, as opposed to the later.

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