How to raid an in-texture base inside Chaosmouth black tower?

This is an actual video i just recorded on official pvp server:

Was searching for the base of one scummy offline raider and i found it… inside the tower. It shows structures inside the tower visible trough different gapes, also you can clearly here thralls working inside. But i found no ways inside the thing.

I used noclip command in single player to see what’s inside the thing:

There is plenty of place even for several vaults. You can move around freely and place anything. But even from inside i haven’t figured out the way of getting in. I tried placing sleeping bags trough gaps, but it does not work…

So how do i raid this place? Or this russian undertexture rat is safe in her hole?

God will damage the inside nicely. I’ve been godding several under-mesh bases on 1808. Really really sick of FunCom’s inability to fix this.


Godding is the only legit way to clear these areas…unfortunately, the gods cant fight out of a wet paper bag for some reason, so all I can say is, best of luck.

Use the Beast god it does good damage an can damage through existing structures.

I don’t really see the point, since gods to such a weak damage that can barely damage anything in one life, and taking too long to farm, but even if i will do that, he will simply collect his stuff (since i don’t know how to enter there and take it), and place new chests…

I mean, he is a pretty low-skilled player, it does not seems that he has a lot of expirience in Conan. So i doubt he figured out how to get inside by himself… there should be a guides somewhere? But i can’t find it. If i only could get inside, he would instantly lose everything he has for good.

All the gods used to be able to do that. Do you know how many people used countless gods when fighting the Chinese during beta that constantly built inside terrain? The gods need to be nukes to clear crap like that, there was absolutely ZERO reason to nerf their damage (other then a few players who cried because they lost their base to a god attack so quickly).

When i destroyed his ouuter structure, managed to have a closer look at the inside base:

Guy does not even use doors, completly sure that nobody else can get in…

And from 5 last opponents i fought with, 4 was using exploits. Only one were fixed, with Deserter’s Gutter tubes, others, including this, remain… and dev’s cant even take a two minutes to log on their official server and dismantle those things or ban the guy. I can’t remember when i fought people in this game… always either bugs or exploiters.


uses other glitchy ways in, bedrolls etc, but having watched the videos you should be able to place bombs through the gaps and blow the crap outta the place, or use gods if he don’t have a bubble.

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