How to regain interest in the game?

The simplest thing to do is to fix the random events, make them challenging and set interesting rewards at the end, such as new recipes or weapons and armor. Which you can’t get anywhere else.

I think the events in the game themselves are very atmospheric and interesting, but they need to be improved a little so that there is a desire to participate in them!

The whole problem is in the events now:

1/ You can’t find out about them (there used to be an icon on the map, now it’s gone).
2/ Many are too simple (and more complex ones are needed so that there is a desire to unite to win the event).
3/ The rewards are trivial. Give rewards so that there is a desire to complete these events!!!

It seems to me that these are quite simple wishes and they can be implemented as part of a “small update”).

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  1. New map.

  2. New concepts/challenges/hazards (typhoons, tornadoes, giant monster rampage that you can only run from, gliders)

  3. polish and rework the actual single player experience. Have a proper ending or final dungeon once the bracelet is to be removed.

  4. new map. Seriously. Make it have sailing. Or deep deep giant dungeon. Or a legit “city” we can play in a la assassins creed or thief. Conan was a thief after all!

It’s very simple. Just fix the bugs.


And the fekkin’ inventory.

Other than that, some of the events are pointless now so an update would be grand.


Track down and play on a server loaded up woth the Savage Wilds map mod loaded - kind of has all that and more (but not typhoons, or tornadoes). I don’t think that players that only stick to the vanilla Exiled Lands game get a full experience the overall game offers (although I suspect that is the case with non-PC gamers?). :upside_down_face:

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