How to renew a premium account

Many ppl had some subbing issues last time, me included. Today i renewed my premium account w/o any problem. Thats what i did:

First of all use only this account page

Cancel your running sub and let it run out. Make sure you are downgraded to a F2P account. Click on upgrade to premium account and follow the steps. Worked fine for me and took me 10 min.

PS: You have to unlock all your chars again, make sure your account has turned to premium before you do it or you will lose your AA time training progress. Happened to me on the char i play now and have to train it from start again and it was so close :sob:

Anyway i hope this helps a few ppl :smiley:


@AndyB any official statement about two different account pages and which one should we use to avoid subscription problems?



old page doesn`t work with paypal anymore
many people have issues when they pay for sub and still running f2p, make ticket and wait for (sorry) 2 months

I’m also confused. Why do we need two different pages?

Both are working, I used both to buy FC points and everything was fine (a few days of waiting till my payment went through - don’t know why I used my card)

But buying sub can be painful if for whatever reason your payment fails, you are stuck until you get help via customer service (2-3 months of waiting) or via the forum (in my case).

Nothing changed for last 12 years, I still hear of the same problems :upside_down_face: