How to report a base under the map?

I have found a base under the map near using the ansel camera. i have never run into this issue before and i have no idea how to go about reporting this. can anyone point me in the right direction? thanks

Unfortunately you will find that most people on official build bases under the map or inside rocks/mountains. That is my experience at least. There is only like 10 populated official servers these days. It would take ONE SINGLE EMPLOYER a couple hours a week to scout these servers and take action. But nothing will ever happen. You can send them proof all you want, but by the time they react, your server is already dusted by cheaters

Send a private message to @ Community, make sure its the managers, and then send the proof.

Youre going to get a “we have a high volume of tickets and will get to it when we can” reply, and FYI, Im on day 19 waiting on an undermesher to be banned from an official.

Imagine funcom actually doing something about the cheating. They wont, because basicly every single person still playing this game on official is cheating. Because if you dont cheat you have no chance anymore

Basicly what they need to do:

Ban 50-75% of the playerbase(cheaters/glitchers/exploiters), yeah its that many atm on official.
implement a real anticheat


@Fixthegameplease: please don’t spread untruths on the forums. The problems aren’t as easy to solve as you make them sound, and probably not quite as widespread as you make them sound either. However, unquestionably, Funcom takes at least some action against cheaters, because people have complained on the forums about being banned because they or their clan did something illegal.

It may not be as much as you’d like, as quickly as you’d like, but please don’t make it sound like Funcom isn’t doing anything.

@Kapoteeni Do you play official pvp? Which server? ill come and show u today all the cheaters on your server then, for you to believe how big of a problem this is currently. I have been to the TEN most populated pvp official servers, and its the same on all of them. The “alpha” clans and other cheaters are build undermesh and uses cheats. Its rampant. Why does funcom never enter these servers and scout them trough? they can surely tp to every single clans base in a matter of minutes and look for themselves.

I never claimed the problems to be “easy to solve”. I did however claim, that funcom can do A LOT more than what they are currently doing. I believe that to be true. I also think that this is THE MOST IMPORTANT issue for them to fix.

Official servers is where most new players start out. They are faced with cheaters and glitchers every single day. That you can link to a post where funcom disregard all responsibility for new players expeirence is not what i was hoping to see. Just shows why this game died even though its really good. New players don’t keep playing after getting wiped by a cheater buddy, they uninstall the game.

I can go to youtube right now, and find videos that are TWO YEARS OLD showcasing several ways to get under/into the mesh, that still works!. Why are these methods not fixed? Two years mate, go look for yourself…

THE FOLLOWING IS NOT MY WRITING: I litereally just went to steam reviews and picked THE LATEST REVIEW OF THE GAME. It is also the MOST UPVOTED BY OTHER COSTUMERS: Enjoy @Kapoteeni

Let’s get introductions over with, as you can tell I have over 4 000 hours in this game, most of them I’ve spent on Official PVP servers. I’ve started to play the game when it was still in early access , seen it’s developments throughout the years. With the most recent massive update Isle of Siptah , our clan returned to the game with full force, we enjoyed it very much and hoping that all the bad things that are possible in this game wouldn’t follow us there. How wrong were we, after a week server started crashing, and global chat went wild about cheaters, and cheaters we found indeed, they were meshing and using speedhack (while going in to the meshes and destroying the cheaters is simple enough, countering the third-party hacking software is on it’s own league.)

The game is beautiful and well crafted, but some of the things that have been broken over the years are hatches and elevators, various weapons, and now the whole cooking system.

My clan and I enjoy this game immensely most of has have + 2000 hrs, but there are things that have been going on for years,


Cheating in Conan exiles is as commonplace as regular players, there is no server or a period of time when I have not encountered cheaters in this game or any of the servers I’v played on. Now I know, that Funcom is trying to fix these issues by implementing new measures, but all in all I think that is wrong, the answer is more severe punishment, permanent bans .

With the Isle of Siptah update, came the cheaters, the official PVP server (#6002) was full almost daily before the first clan that left due to cheaters, and after our encounter with them, our interests waned as well.

I’v bought every possible dlc for conan exiles, spend countless hours on it, and my money. It irritates me that I cannot enjoy my money and time invested the way the developers intended because of cheater, and it irritates me that they don’t permanently ban these people, they should.

I cannot recommend this game to anyone, not with all the cheating going on on the servers.

I love the game but the developers are not taking good care of it, and not taking good care of us, their customers and source of income.

Calling me a liar? saying i spew untruths on the forum? get real man, open your eyes. I have played online multiplayer games daily the last 20 years, i have never encoutered a game with a bigger cheating problem. Its the first game where i have seen developers trying to hide the probem(deleting posts) instead of dealing with it.

People that LOVE THE GAME still quits because of this, let that sink in.


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