How to report abuse on official servers?

Hey everyone, I’m looking for the correct method in reporting bad behavior and really bad things being said, how do i do so? Thanks

Really? Lmao dude it’s a game , half of y’all wouldn’t last in a modern warfare 2 lobby. Play the game ignore them. You don’t have to report everything . Mad sensitive generation

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Correct method would be to take screenshots of the chat then go to zendesk to use the report option. Answer the questions, tell the problem and add the screenshots to the ticket then send it to them.

@zput2bed, there is a massive difference between being too sensitive and being unwilling to accept abusive behavior from others from people that do not think that manners pertain to them and that they are allowed to be abusive to others. It does not matter that it is in a game that they are being abusive, just shows the true nature of the person.


Here is the link