How to report undermesh buildings correctly?

From April this year on funcom declared that building structures inside the mesh is not tolerated and bannable:

Now from there on some people started to complain in the forums that they have been banned, so it looks like something has been done. Also, we know that the team is working on a more sustainable and general solution for the problem.

Still, there are so many complaints about this issue and people are still undermeshing on official PvP servers, while others try to play fair. For all those folks who want to report the abusers:

@Ignasis, @Community :
Please, can you tell us more details about what kind of proof is necessary to get an undermeshing clan banned and what is definitely NOT enough information for your team to start any actions?

  • Is it enough to provide screenshots that are indicating an undermesh base at a certain location or does the reporting player have to glitch inside the terrain to have a look at the building pieces directly showing the name of the clan?

  • Is there any difference regarding the numbers of players that are repoting this kind of abuse?

  • Does the reporting player have to provide evidence concerning who is member of the undermeshing clan?

Thank you in advance!
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A good point. I have just found a couple of them undermeshing on an official server.
@Ignasis there is one big issue though. Since the introduction of Funcom ID and Funcom live services there is no valid way to track players. I was lucky they spoke on global chat thus enabling me to access their steam profile. But if they kept their silence I would have no tool to effectively find out their info. Before Funcom Live Services I could access the players playing on the server via STEAM now this is impossible.
I think something has to be done otherwise reporting a player is near to impossible. Thanks in advance too.
PS: I have made a screenshot and a video and added their info on video description. I hope it is enough.

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Claim it’s your base and brag about in the official forum.


Lol! that´s one thing for sure I would not do!

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