How to solo [Into the Inferno] Story Mode?

I am level 42. Some okay gear. Is there a trick to killing the boss Corroder? I get him to about 25% health and the whole area bursts into flames. Am I lacking dps?


Yes. Fire is enrage timer.

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The fire is a sort of enrage timer, but it also depends on where you’re fighting him. If you pull him then run back round the corner you will have more time before the fire reaches you. The fire will slowly grow from where the boss starts, all the way back up the path to the blue wall.
The only thing to watch out for is that his AoE ability will hit you unless you’re in melee range or break line of sight. It’s normal to use a ranged attack to get initial aggro, then run back up the path to where you can use a rock wall to break LoS, pulling him well up the path. If you were in a group then you’d pull him past the others so that they don’t get cleaved, but not really an issue if you’re soloing!

Depending on how much DPS you’re doing, you may need to pull back again to give yourself extra room - it’s best to do that immediately after he finishes channeling his AoE so that you don’t get caught out of position :slight_smile:

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He is most certainly soloable even below lvl 42.
I just tried on my new baby alt “Bad Wolf” - who is level 25 and about to do Eleanors mission and she completed it with no problems
Gear and abilities are pictured below:


You can see here i have one heal ability, i use the sedative delivery to apply debilitated (not much use here though as the bosses in Storymode don’t do all that much damage to you) it’s useful on adds to slow them down while you gain some distance to do more DPS - there are other, better options, i only have it slotted coz the toon is new and it’s what she has for now and by force of habit i often press it, even though it’s not doing much - yet)

My tip is - DO NOT drag him up anywhere.
That is a tactic used for higher tiers only.
There is also flames behind you from the blue door you entered, both flames eventually meet in the middle - that’s why people drag the Corroder up to a midway point.

If you want to kill him, coz he aint going to kill you in story mode - go for the jugular :smiley: start the fight immediately and edge him backwards while you keep an eye on the flames behind him. Do as much dps to him as possible while leading him away from flames.

You should have no problems, I had plenty of time left.

If you are still struggling, drop me a msg and we can grp up if you like - i’m often asking in the starter zones if anyone would like to do dungeons - I’d be on level too, so it’s not like i would be butter knifing my way through while you hoover up loot - coz that’s just no fun at all.

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I remember solo-ing most of this dungeon in TSW with a decent-enough Blood/AR build.
Maybe tell us what deck or weapons you’re using, Nikolai?
That usually helps in getting some solid suggestions.
Meta-Moth’s are fairly solid, +1.


I could do up to boss 5 at level 25-ish, but I think I had all blue center column gear like the above character picture (rifle/fist) from doing events more than actually playing. 5 just outnumbered me with adds, I finished it at 28-29 once my basic could 2-shot them.

There’s not a huge amount of complication on builds early on, if you have the single target energy-consumer for both your weapons and an elite that does damage that generally gets you 80%+ of your potential, the rest is either the weapon-mandatory skill (fists’ enrage, blades’ chi forging, elemental’s heat dumps, rifle grenades), an aoe attack, or free power (+5 ish energy, top row middle item on all weapons)

Yes. Even I did it on an alt somewhere in the 30s, and I’m not much of a build wizard. “Pile on dps and have a self heal” seems enough of a strategy. Provided you’re actually piling on dps, that is.

@Nikolai, just out of curiosity, what is your Anima Allocation? I’ve more than once seen inexperienced players go balanced there, which is absolutely the worst choice. Switching to something like 80 offense/20 defense or even more aggressive might be all it takes.

Actually i forgot to mention that -
my AA was at 100% dps.

They really don’t hit that hard and that one heal was extremely ample.

I also only used 1 potion throughout.

Finally completed it at level 46, lol. I have to much healing gear and not enough DPS. I played around with Anima Allocation and that helped, along with level and some gear improvements. Another boss enraged and I had so much healing that I lived through the blaze. Was fun, on to the next dungeon!


If you’re wanting to solo stuff, one thing which may help long term (once you reach 50 and can upgrade to epics) is to get yourself an upgraded signet of Cruel Delight.

It procs on crits, which is handy because you’ll be wanting lots of crit rating anyway! It will eventually provide you with enough healing that you won’t need anything else, which allows you to focus on doing as much damage as you can :slight_smile:

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