How to unlock Global Chat?

Hey guys,

i just want someone to confirm on how to unlock Global Chat on this game. Some people say i need to buy points wich i did and i didn’t unlocked the chat, some that i need to buy something from the store wich i didn’t tried because i want to have a confirmation and someone people that i need to subscribe.

Can someone tell me if you bought points/something from store unlocked the Global chat for you? Thanks a lot.

Mine got unlocked when I bought the expansions. Keep in mind that you get premium time when you get them (One month I think it was). For sure, Subbing for a month will unlock Global.

When you buy expansion from the store it will unlock premium time?!?

Unless there is a special I am not aware of, buying expansions does not give you premium. It does, give you global chat at least it did for me.

Edit: I bought the expansions a few years ago on a steam special and I guess premium was not part of that, maybe you get something now, idk.

Some people claim that buying anything from the store , the cheapest thing, will unlock the Global chat. Can someone please confirm me is it true ?

I have bought a teleport coin from the store and apparently will not unlock Global chat… :frowning:

No you need to sub for one month (or more) once. It’s the only way I think

There was someone who said that he bought an expansion, i think it was Dragonspine and he said that he didn’t bought anything else but only that expansion and he has Global chat active on his account… so i am really confuse on how the restrictions works in this game. It’s probably the worst system i have ever seen…

Yes it’s kinda weird to not let f2p accounts to see global to begin with. Oh well, if I were you, and if you have the option I would just sub for one month. Maybe one time you plan to get the most out of it (playtime wise, gold restriction, stacking RF boxes for 50% more tokens)