How to work around star metal not spawning

I spent days looking for star metal to fall from the sky even used the resource spell so I started looking around and the whole you have to trigger the meteors falling sounds like in single player or low population server it would take awhile there is a command I found that work on Xbox if you have a keyboard to open console hit the ~ key and then enter DC Spawn meteor and then hit enter after that you can look up at the sky and watch for the meteors to start falling I usually sit at the Outkast look out I can’t remember exactly what besides called off top of my head but that’s how I’ve done it a couple times when I’ve needed star metal just thought I’d help anybody else out that was having the same problem


Dismantle legendary weapons :+1:

Or farm the cimmerians by capturing, breaking, and taking their weapons… it’s quicker (I should note, please break bonds with them afterwards… no one wants to see all your castoff thralls cluttered around). Regardless, both methods can be far less effective than actually farming the meteors. They do work though. I suggest doing the Dismantler journey step and getting the improved dismantler bench though. It’ll yield more materials than the regular one.


Now with easier bosses and the ever-lasting stamina, as @SpherisCore said, just dismantle legendaries in the improved dismantling bench, it gives you more materials back.
OR as @jmk1999 said capture cimemrians.

In my recent play, I ran up to Sepermeru, bled Szeth to death, stole his truncheon, then looked into the chests in the city until I found an advanced blunted fitting.
Then went to the Mounds of the dead, and in front of one of the bigger mounds there are 4 guys guarding the entrance, 2 archers 2 fighters. Literally 3-4 smacks and they are KOd.
In like an hour I got ~250-300 star metal bar just by enslaving those low level guards. Okay I was lucky, I had 2 T4 taskmasters to speed it up even more, but Exile tasmkasters are 2-3 hit too. But even without taskmasters, converting non-named thralls is veeeeery quick compared to pre-changes.

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There’s a guaranteed T4 taskmaster in the Mounds. Gothrad the Breaker spawns as a boss for the Aesir armor quest. Instead of killing him, just knock him out. Problem solved, faster breaking times.


Sry I’m only playing for less than a month and I don’t know those things I have harvest at triple and use admin to fly when I’m going for the meteor I use 1 explosive arrow and with the spell I find most of them and if I didn’t get the amount I needed I just open the console backup and either push the arrow key up and highlight DC spawn meteor then enter and wait another 30 to 45 seconds and another one falls from the sky I do appreciate your guys’s input as well though cuz I never thought about that like I said I am new in fact I’ve been looking the last 3 days on how I can edit in the configuration files without having to put a mod in and only found one example and I have no clue where to look or what to even put in the search bar

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