How tough is your wall?

In PvE I built a stronger line of one foundation high wall inside the sandstone outside wall, just to get ready for the Purges.
I thought that to a NPC a 2 or higher foundations wall would be as strong as a single foundation wall.
For purges, how high is your stronghold wall?

i would say it depends on how tall the purge npcs would be. Mine is 3 foundations high.

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The height doesn’t matter. The purge spawn position can be odd sometimes depending on the surrounding area and base layout resulting in spawning the purge inside/on top of your base. However, if it’s outside the thickness of your wall matters. In which area did you build your base?

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I’m at the low level area, hyenas and such.
So, having 3 walls back to back would be better than a taller wall?
I wonder if a NPC hits one foundation only, do the foundations above it make it stronger?
My base close to The Den was wiped by giant rocknoses, the wall was 1-2 blocks high only.

my comment was indeed with the rocknoses in mind. had some fun with them, especially the tall ones :smiley: you dont have to stack 3 foundations next to each other, you can stack a single foundation with 2 fence foundations (one from each side), this way you get 3x HP. Have a loot at this video. It shows the most common ways :slight_smile:

this one is a bit of overkill for pve purposes:


There is no other influence other than lower foundations giving stability to higher ups. No strenghtening effects for lower ones.

As for purge: The best defense is building in a place where it forces all purge enemies to slowly move up to one single wall. This way you can focus on defending that one place instead of having to run around. Possibly as far as going in front of your base and hindering further advancement of those guys so they wont get to touch your wall. t4 thralls (or relic hunter slavers+similar) equipped with good weapons and armor in front of that one wall should then do the trick.

I really dont get why some people like to build on some open, flat land. High up on a cliff, still vulnerable via pathing from below but only allowing a single weak spot is best to do imo. Well. Other than completely building in some pvp way, meaning there is no base on the ground and stuff. Or that it’s perfectly well hidden.


Thanks, love those videos :vulcan_salute:t3:

Thanks! Was afraid tall walls will crumble as fast as low ones.
I’ll try to build my next outpost with less open space :+1:t3:

Yeah, best chance but you’ll probably still get purges spawning in your base too.

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