How will you compensate players after the latest buggy release?


The title sums it up. It is a cry post. Unfortunately the gaming industry delivers unfinished products and we, the consumers, can’t do much about it. We buy them and hope that our broken product will be fixed. Crying about it won’t fix the problem.


If you bought the game after release, its all your own fault. Its widely publicized by the community at how buggy this game is right now.

During the times you’ve lost stuff when these patches rolled out, new bugs have been introduced which compensate for the losses you’ve had.

For example,
1, For a period, there was an abundance of named and Lv4 thralls in the map
2, NPC’s rarely attack so you can run around the entire map easily to gain experince
3, Lots of decayed/broken buildings to easily raid for free loot
4, Mobs not fighting back mean easy kills, loot and experince

Instead of always looking at the bad points, look for the positives that can be gained. Every cloud has a silver lining somewhere.


This is so wrong and arrogant it makes me vomiting.

The customer is certainly not obliged searching and analyzing various community content before buying a product. The customer can expect a working product when buying one.
I can only guess why one comes to think otherwise.


So if you didn’t read your terms and agreement I got you. Without limitation, the Funcom group of companies and their suppliers make no warranties about the accuracy, content, operability, reliability, completeness or timeliness of the material, services, software, text, graphics.
Limitation on Liability. I always read and yes I accepted


So what, you just what the trailer and say hmm I want that. Who doesn’t do at least a little due diligence before spending their money on a game. You must have scrolled past the ‘Mixed’ reviews before hitting the purchase button. It’s no different than checking how many stars or reviews an amazon product has before deciding that’s the product for you . With the costs to develop games becoming much more expensive these days, this ‘fund now, fix/refine later’ is nothing new to the industry. Especially since you didn’t pay the full AAA price tag with 30-50 dollar DLC and season pass.


Everyone definitely understands why you and many more are mad.None of us like losing all our stuff/work.But to think we are going to get anything back…not going to happen,plain and simple…is it right? Is it legal? No…then yes…so just accept it and move on…yes it sucks…sorry that’s life…btw I’m not being a dick…as you can see in some other posts peo people cant handle the truth…I understand.


My comment would only have been arrogant if,
A, I hadn’t bought the game.
B, if I worked for Funcom.

Like many others have said, WE ARE ALL PISSED that the game doesn’t work, we had all hoped for so much more. Given time, I’m sure it will be good, they just rushed to full release too soon.

You did you’re own due-diligence research, had access to thousands of reviews, over 1 years worth of forum comments and then chose to buy the game.

You then had 2 hours to test the game to see if it was for you. Nothing stopped you from using those first two hours on your local game as an admin to sample all of the game, and if you didn’t like it, you could have asked for a refund. (assuming your on a PC and bought through Steam)

How is it anyone else’s fault but yours? You made a bad life choice, next time get your mum to help you.
So many people believe they’re so entitled and need their hands held.


As for being more on topic, compensation?
I can only assume you’d like for an admin to come into your server and give you loads of gear and materials… never going to happen on an official server mate.

You need to get used to the concept that you play these games for the fun at the time of playing. Items will come and go all the time, suck it up and move on… or play with lego so that your creations can be put safely away in your toy box.

Edit, Or host your own server game so that you can roll back the database each time you lose something.


@PitMonk Wish I could down vote you everywhere since I see you post a lot of toxic comments lately… so many people with too much time on their hands supporting the faulty patches applied without testing which are bugging everything and makes your work disappear. Maybe you have nothing else to do than to farm back all you lost. I can make it back of course but why to not run more tests and put patches more rare? Why to do something just to show people that you did it and you’re done? It’s a game but in any other industry this would cost the working place of the guys which did so many mistakes in one single patch.
Morale: Do your job better then release dlc and wait for people to buy. There will always be people which are telling truth and people that can’t stand that a game they play is not taken a flawless. Get used that people have their rights to talk and demand their rights as long as the game is not anymore in early access or free either!


Yeah I’m pissed too, just to avoid possible misunderstanding. I very much don’t like the idea to shift responsibility from the company to the customer. It’s not that I am going to buy things naivly and blue eyed just because I like it convenient, but I don’t see a point that shift.


You’ve got hold of the wrong end of the stick mate and not understood my meaning.

We are all pissed that the game doesn’t work, that we have been told things which didn’t materialise, and none of us think it’s a good deal right now, but that doesn’t change the fact that youre not going to get a refund or replacements for the items lost in the game when updates come out.

I’ve said plenty in this forum to inform Funcom of my disgust at the situation, continuing to moan will not change the situation we are all in.

Grow up buddy and just learn from this experience.


@PitMonk he already stated that this is for the devs…and our opinions will not change his mind…(even tho we are right) Hes the typical narrow minded person nowadays that only sees things his way,but yet they preach accaptance.Im done with this idiotic post lol I deal with enough idiots in a day lol.


Your disconnect of logic in this though is simply: Whether people that post these entitlement threads think they are or not, these threads do absolutely nothing to improve the game. You want a better game? me too! I have really been enjoying it, but there’s always room for improvement!

The problem is, ‘Hey! Give me stuff for my time!’ does not make this game better in the slightest. At the worst, its a distraction from the real issues, at best its a means of keeping the community occupied.

The patch could have been implemented better. There are no questions about that. I would put money on the fact, as this is Funcom’s best selling game of all their history, that they are doing everything in their power to resolve the issues that come up like this for the future (business 101). Would make very little sense to see the success of Conan Exiles and then as a company write it off. Clearly all the bugs introduced was a mistake.

That said. This is not a subscription based game. Funcom doesn’t have the resources to give anyone’s stuff back and their time is far better spent working on the current bugs and improving future patches then worrying about how to reimburse self entitled players.

If you are worried about the past and the stuff you lost, read the EULA. You have no ground or entitlement to your virtual items on this game. There is hardly any administration (once again, lack of resources from a non-subscription based game) and there isn’t anyone available to go looking through log files for every player that was slighted…

If you are truly worried about the future and better patches going forward, the argument is essentially:
“Hey Funcom, don’t screw up your patches so badly!” I guess everyone looking to be compensated though feels like they may need to be reminded?

I dunno, maybe they are sadists, don’t care about business at all, and get their kicks from ■■■■■■■■ players over. Does that sound plausible to you?


This is exactly it. I bought the game knowing there would likely be bugs and glitches. (PS4 player) That being said I love this game and the bugs will go away overtime and new ones will come, seems most open world games have issues.

Even if they charged me the 50 and told me it was a bet or alpha quality I would have still gotten it. The entertainment value for 50 is taking the wife to a movie for 2 hours. I have received hundreds of hours (not sure really but I play every night since release)

I have never found a game that can draw you in like this. So many tricks and tips out there to keep everyone busy.


I hate to break it to you, but there are endless, terribly cheap and garbage products out there in every market of the world. There is also limited quality checking on most of these products (save for food in more advanced parts of the world, but that is an aside).

The only thing a company is obligated to provide is the option of purchasing their product/services. It is entirely up to the person with the money in hand to make decisions for him/herself. Placing the evaluation of a product in the business’s own hands will 100% of the time have the business build the product up, truthfully or not. They want to make sales.

That being said, it makes far more sense to make the evaluations yourself. Do you ever demand your money back after watching a cruddy movie at the theaters? We as people consistently buy terrible products simply because there isn’t an obligation, or quality check. And in all honesty, Conan Exiles isn’t a terrible product. I dunno about you, but I have got more time/money/value out of this game then I have any other in a long time.

This ‘obligation’ posters keep mislabeling is nothing more then really just Funcom’s prerogative to keep the game fun enough for people to pay for it. Anything more then that is wishful thinking and nothing more then self entitlement.

Funcom has your money, you have their game. They owe you nothing and their consistent desire to improve and add to the game going forward is already more then we could expect from plenty of other game companies out there.


You’re done but still hear throwing up your idiotic ideas which are having 0 value to me or anyone else. Right or wrong are simple concepts, some delusional people cannot make the difference between them tho. Never saw somebody with such a low iq before but then… this world has to have them all so always people could be amused by the lacks of others!


@TheElephantTowerMan (puts his arm around the young child and wipes his angry tears from his face) “it’s ok,one day you will grow up and understand” I said. Hopefully before it’s too late…


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I don’t disagree with most of your points. I am one of this customers who tend to inform themselves first, hence I am here in this forum.
What I’m trying to say is that while everyone has his share of responibility he can’t escape from when buying a product, I observe a growing tolerance for illbehaving (game) companies. It is getting more and more acceotable to delay stuff, break promises and to realease a game in a crappy state. This may be the new reality and as a customer you certainly do good in being aware of that, but it doesn’t do anyone a favour, except the industry, when the customer slowly acceptingt that as ‘OK’, which is clearly not. Things aren’t getting any better when shifting responsibility from the company to customer. It’s not OK.


I share this sentiment entirely and have said the very same thing in here many times. We wouldn’t tolerate it anywhere else in our lives.

People fight back with the argument that its because software is so complicated and that buyer beware, which is also very true, but the more we tolerate it, the more they seem to do it.

The ONLY way to combat this trend with software companies is to not buy their products, but too many will continue to do so, catch 22.