How would you fix PVP?


tl;dr : I’ve been thinking of starting my own PVP server lately with the catch being that I want it to address the unsatisfying nature of PVP in Conan Exiles, so I’m looking for feedback/input on how to best create a server that BEST facilitates pvp.


I’m gonna format this post in 2 parts. Firstly is my general opinions on PvP, why I think it’s bad and why I think we need a private server that handles it differently. If you’re already on board you can skip it for part 2, which is my ideas for fixing it on a private server.

—PART 1 - The Problem—

PVP in this game is so unsatisfying, and that’s for both parties. Whether you win or lose is determined entirely by the circumstances, and they’re hard set rules. It reads more like a flowchart than a dynamic pvp engagement. Do they have a single player online with resources to repair? Ok, you lose the raid, come back later. Nobody online? Ok, you win the raid, take their stuff and come back later. Encounter someone out in the wild with good gear? They kill you. Your gear is better/higher level? You kill them. Go even bigger picture, are you a solo player? You lose. In a clan? You win. Work schedule lets you play during raid hours? You win. No? You lose. It’s so static.

Even the poopsock types that exclusively play with alliances between 6 clans and only raid people when they’re offline aren’t actually experiencing any pvp. They’re only burning down empty houses, that’s not pvp at all, it’s player vs empty house, not that you can even blame them with how good repair defense is. Whether you’re on the offense or defense, nothing about Conan PVP is satisfying and it’s that way by the game’s design. It just takes too damn long to get to a point where you’re pvping and when you get there the pvp is garbage. Spend weeks grinding up a base only to have it wiped when you’re offline. I’ve only had a few good pvp encounters in my entire 600+ hours of playing this game, it just doesn’t work.

You can hop onto a (dead) PVE-C server, but if they’re in their house you cant touch them and since there’s no real raiding, players get bored easilly and quit. You can play a custom RPVP server, but the rules of engagement are so ridiculous that in order to declare war and engage in pvp it’ll take you 3 months and the stars have to align and if you jump on one foot while saying RUBBER BABY BUGGY BUMPERS as fast as you can you might get permission to invade a territory but after you’ve broken a raid structure there’s a 72 hour truce and… it just goes on and on. And if your RP character can’t devise a reason to engage in PVP, there’s no PVP. It’s better than exclusively offline raiding, sure, but it’s so restrictive in its own way it barely happens there either.

Whether you’re farming bombs or farming building materials, the grind in this game necessitates a playstyle where you have to grind the whole week to get an hour of pvp on Friday if you’re lucky, it’s just not fun. You spend your entire time playing the game to reach the idea of a game that never comes around, just grinding to grind more. When does the fun start? I could keep rambling, but if you’ve played Conan you know what I’m talking about and you already know everything I haven’t said already.

—PART 2 - The Solution—

Since I’ve already rambled enough, I’ll try to keep this short. Here’s some of the server settings/rules I’m looking to put in place:

  • Max player level is 29, making tier 2/iron tools/scavenged gear the new endgame materials

  • Most gathering/exp rates set to either 5x or 10x

  • 24/7 pvp, negotiable, but I want it to be a good portion of the day

  • Increased player/monster damage

  • Purge frequency greatly increased, but disabled if you’re offline

  • Killing on sight encouraged

  • Clan size greatly limited (this one im not sure about)

  • Slower day AND night cycle

  • Raiding only limited by players being offline/online (aka, you can only raid people that are online, otherwise there are penalties)(this might be negotiable as well under certain circumstances)

And here’s the reasoning: Player level is restricted so that tier 3 isn’t an option. That way, that whole grind portion of the game is off the table. You won’t see 500 layer foundation bases that require 3000 bombs to get into. In fact, bombs wont be there either, so you’ll need to use trebs or weapons once the new update goes live.

Gathering and EXP rates are increased so that we can address the grind. It wont take you 4 weeks to build a respectable base, and if you get foundation wiped you wont get the “god why do I bother” response in your head, instead you’ll think “Im gonna bounce back and take revenge!” response, since you KNOW you wont have to invest 3 months of time into your rebound. I also don’t want players to have to grind exp since, let’s face it, we’ve all already done it before. It’s not right to have to level on every single server you join over and over again, it just wastes time.

Night increased and monster damage increased just to make the world feel more dangerous. Running around with a torch can be pretty spooky in this game, and night raids are a lot of fun.

The rest of the rules are to encourage pvp. Higher player damage, 24/7 raiding (as long as players are online), and buildings being restricted to tier 2 means that nobody has to invest too much time into pvp. I want it to feel like the working man can log into the game after a long shift and actually see some action before he goes to bed. With iron tools being the defacto max tier, scavenged steel armor/tools/weaponry off enemy thralls becomes a cherished drop, rather than just noise that you leave on the ground. Players that want to reach endgame have to farm enemies for drops and gather powerful thralls/pets instead of spending 300 hours poopsock farming bombs and building mats.

tl;dr part 2 : Really, I just want the PvP portion of the game to be accessible, so I’m removing a lot of the barriers to entry. Less grind to get started, and if you get wiped bouncing back takes less time too. PvP should be a casual experience everyone gets to have frequently, not once a month and only when the stars align.

So, give me your feedback, what you think is wrong with PvP and what you think I could do to fix it on a custom server. Tell me what you want to see, what would encourage you to hop in and go nuts. I’m not even sure if the “max player level is 29” rule is something I can even do with mods, so let me know if you know how.

For starters i will fix the exploits
Then i will implement a party function in this game. Then work my way up to balance the weapons and armors

I personally would add some sort of offline protection to the game. Something with alot of settings for server admins to manage such as how long it lasts, and how long it takes to kick in after the last person logins.

The PVP builds that I see people using is a symptom of not having to actually face victims/foes in PVP on a normal basis. I just shake my head and place my palm on my forehead everytime someone mentions the current ‘meta’.

I typically play on servers that don’t allow for offline raiding and the quality of PVP is much higher. But being forced to attack only when the defenders are online forces one to use diversified builds as well as coordination. It simply isn’t one or two dudes attacking 6 who are offline. If 6 defenders are online then you need to bring your a-game.

The last time I fought in a 20v20ish, the fight lasted for about 3 or 4 hours. No one won or lost, it came to an agreed ceasefire with the defenders returning stuff they looted in the battle, and a small tribute to end the siege.

I know that sort of thing just will never happen in officials. I feel bad for the players there that will never experience a true siege and terms of ending an engagement. With offline raiding, emergent gameplay simply is eliminated and even avoided.

Yeah, the offline raid protection is practically mandatory. Of the few satisfying pvp encounters I’ve ever had, they all happened on private servers where the rules allowed players to actually be there to experience the fighting. The PvP was usually pretty limited just in size due to playerbase, but I’ve NEVER had a solid pvp experience on an official server.

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No, just no…
Cut the game in half coz you don’t know how to raid…
No,just no…
Tier three requires a ■■■■ tonne more grinding… 5 layers of walls… my hat of to them…
I wonder what they teach kids in schools these days…
old rule of thumb was 3 to one to penetrate fortified defences… in some cases 10 to one wouldn’t make a scratch…

Oh and I do recall a case when a general committed suicide because the enemy would not surrender…

No, just no…

It’s already there: private servers.

And to focus on private servers: the public ones should have weekly wipes.

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How to fix PVP?

1 - slow down player movement in pvp melee combat. The Light Armor Pike Meta is reliant on maximizing reach and dodge. You need to be able to force an engagement even if you don’t have light pike meta yourself.

2 - alter the siege balance so that explosives and gods aren’t at dominant game theory strategy for raiding. How? It’s complicated, large changes to siege methods, building limitations and improving low tier raiding.

remove event log and character list. Both of these make it too easy to target and harass people both in and out of game.


“Max player level is 29, making tier 2/iron tools/scavenged gear the new endgame materials”

So basically, unless you buy DLC, you wouldn’tbe able to access the northern half of the map. That doesn’t seem balanced or fair.

Well for starters preventing the harvesting perk from giving two religion mats would tone it down a bit. Can’t remember if it’s perk 2 or 3 but you can for example harvest 2 hearts from a single body for Set with the perk.

Streamline hitboxes, put certain must-have perks in attribute system in a different order, remove targeting system entirely.

Maybe work on speed differences of weapon drawn and not drawn.
We have encumbered, very slow,
normal run, then sprint. Need to have speeds for the following
1 h weapon
normal=80% speed of normal
sprint=80% of speed of sprint

2 h
normal= 80% of normal
sprint=60 % of normal

Also have a slight draw weapon delay. IE, 1s. thus, to run away you must sheath weapon, and if you want to stop to fight, redrawing should take time.

also move some perks around…
move breathing to 2nd survival perk, consolidate both harvesting perks to 3rd survival. In place of breathing 1st agility perk, move cat like , and create new 2nd perk–melee weapon speed.

Add a better block/dodge system… Bruce lee wasn’t the best coz he could attack, but because he could defend and wait for the right moment to strike… against multiple opponents this is vital…

Also, I don’t play pvp, but do your swings damage allies?


Remove the ability to “weapon cancel”, or sheath your weapon to avoid the animation of the attack, making it possible to attack faster. Make it a one or two second delay after the animation before you can sheath, and then you make it so people pay more attention to their attacks and combos, as to not leave themselves exposed.

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People ask so much for visible sheathed weapons, along with it, having sheating animations would solve the animation attack cancel.

Only if they improve the functionalty of the weapons and combat system altogether.

The current system is very unrefined and some weapons are practically useless if you don’t weapon cancel.

Pvp actions other than raiding and siege. Brawl fighting, wrestling, and sparing using body throws with blades crashing to overpower like in movies, to resolve something instead of using violence. A mechanic for debates as seen in the conan movie that they are having a religious debate about who god is stronger, questions like 'what’s best in life". Dance offs. Raiding and destroying structures with weapons, bombs or avatars should be considered criminal acts, unless theres an agreement in both parts that they agree to destroy only designated buildings made for that purpose, and if there’s a clan that has been labeled as criminal and already destroyed way too many buildings with avatars their bases can be attacked freely by anyone.

Uhm yeah… it’s called solo offline…
I think we established that many many (basil faulty voice) quite a few actually… some people said they never slept better during their whole stay…

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