Is it just me or is it almost impossible to hit the reply button or create topic button when using this site? I’m willing to bet not…

When it doesn’t work, try scrolling down the screen first , LOL, i almost put this in a bug report a couple weeks ago :smile:

pls correct me if i am wrong but is the Main site but for replay or create new topics you must first chose a Categorie

Hi, using a PS4 on certain sites, somtimes has undesirable effects, on this site, almost every time after picking a categorie, or after any load screen, the cursur locks up, and can’t be used to click on anything, so , the cursur still moves it just won’t highlight anything :slight_smile: scrolling down, moving the page seems to unlock it. So, your not wrong, if we were on a PC.

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Sorry should have been more specific. This is on my Samsung S8. Its thing like if I try to click on the word “sorry” in this sentence to fix it if I typed it wrong, it clicks 2 or 3 lines below it. So to click reply isnt always doable. I have no issues like it on any other site with this phone.

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Yes you are correct. I was just using a partial link. The conan exiles is the only part of funcom I have ever replied or created a subject in.