Huang not available

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 4
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=

Bug Description:

The master carver huang is not available. Please check and fix it. Many thanks. Peter

What kind of “Not available”?
Is he so busy doing his golem research and not available at the moment?
Or he simply didn’t show up?

he simply didn’t show up

I played new content over 3 different accounts on PS4. (On solo mode).
on 1 account in particular master carver Huang was very slow to load.

Well over a dozen trips to Mekoses’ Spire I have noticed that Master Carver Huang was the LAST thing to load, not to deny your issue. If he doesn’t load (he doesn’t load), but I have experienced a very long loading time. I Actually killed all fighters in the small village and made several purchases before the master carver showed up. Just saying.

I have no idea why the load times are different for different accounts on the same PS4, but worth saying if I had not found master Huang on one account I would not have known he was there on my third account.

-Good Luck Exile.

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… appear. I guess he uses the invisibility spells Mek Kamoses teach him!
But it’s true Damon about the different behavior on the different accounts. Many times what i couldn’t do on one account, i could on another :man_shrugging:.


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