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Hey guys,

I list through ´Share your shelter´and see there a lot of great projects. On Online server I haven’t seen anything like this. Are ppl building these cities, villages and great palaces only in singleplayer? In multiplayer I see functional bases – walls, one fort and a whell, altar and animal pen…no village or town with multiple buildings…i9s it because of Decay timer?

Many of those buildings in that thread, as well as some truly awesome creations seen elsewhere, have actually been built on official servers - in some (nut)cases, even on PvP servers.

Most people on officials will probably stick to building utilitarian bases, because they need to compete for resources and space with other people. Only a well-established clan that can be certain of the continuity of their resources and security can afford to start building for bling. (Or they build on officials where there’s no-one else for one reason or another.)

That said, there are so many very nice mods for building (for PC players) that many construction projects are done on private servers or solo mode, because the number of options is vastly greater if you take mods into account. (And you can also increase or eliminate Decay timer altogether on private servers.)


I have increased AND eliminated the decay time on my private server, because sometimes updates switch decay on again, and I notice it some time later… :cry:


I’m a solo player playing on Official PvE server 2 players have built very nice looking towns on my server I personally have 2 current projects that I’m doing but it’s on pause because of the heavy grinding I have to do for T3 building pieces so I take breaks and do other things for a few weeks before jumping back in the grind it’s not easy grinding on Official servers it’s a lot of work lol

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Still I am not which mode is better (for me only PVE or solo – as I don’t want to found my base destroyed by some thieving player).

If I don’t want to play in a clan with unknown people, but I want to build a few houses here (hunting village near river) then a some kind of a road and build smelting village near great iron resource…Just for fun and civilizating of exiled lands. I am not sure, if this is vital in multiplayer.

What I don’t know is, competing about resources – is it difficult to harvest star metal (for example) because of other players or you will find plenty?

That’s why I am asking, I play in pve server - which I like because of reding chat and possibility to meet people and maybe make ingame friends… but I am not sure about solo/multiplayer. Hard decisions, right? :smiley:

Is there any dungeon which is absolutely not soloable?

I’ve done all dungeons solo, and I’m not a very good boss-fighter. A competent thrall is very, very helpful in some dungeons, and even with one, I skip the Arena Champion fight in Warmaker’s Sanctuary (which, luckily, is completely optional anyway).

There’s one miniboss in the Sunken City which may be bugged, at least it seems to have a million times more hitpoints than anyone else there. But you can just run in, poke at the recipe tablet in the room, and run out, without killing that dude. Everything else down there I managed to defeat without a thrall (even though in the final boss room, some minions started respawning before I had finished the end boss because my good weapons started to break so I had to kite her with whatever pokey-stick I had left).

The Wine Cellar’s final boss is challenging, but again, a good thrall will help a lot. I haven’t tried to beat that guy without a thrall. I suspect it would be a long and tedious fight. Theoretically possible, yes, but not sure if my skills would be sufficient.

In Solo mode, of course, you can use sliders to modify the damage inflicted and taken by your character and NPCs, so the difficulty can be adjusted to suit your playstyle. In my Solo game, NPCs (including my thralls) do only 50 % damage because, like I said, I’m not a very skilled player - but someone who is better at timing their dodges would surely manage those boss fights even with normal difficulty levels.

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Don’t you want to get a companion?

I build all my fancy things in singleplayer or on my own server where I can use mod pieces and make the grind more forgiving for solo play. I’ve planned to build big things on official servers, but something always happens to make me stop playing on them before I get anything ambitious started.

Thats a fair point.

When you play solo, you can switch off decay…I play online and I am afraid, that I will not log in for few days and I will lose hours of work…

It seems to me, this game is better in solo for huge loner projects and better for online to have just fun, survive and play with people…or am i wrong?

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