Huge Important Bug/exploit



First sorry for my bad english , then let me explain.
Our enemies in server 1986 ( Banheira do Gugu ) made a base a huge one with vault and etc , inside the left tower of chaosmouth, its impossible to enter inside the tower so its s HUGE INRAIDABLE base and this is making me want stop to play the game , cause have no point our enemies have a safe huge base and we keep risking everything.
So to do this u go to the top of the tower , make a lot of foundations ( press shift and roll mouse well down ) then ull put foundations inside the build , try to conect then until u can c a space from the holes outside and put a badroll on it , then u suicide and will ressurrect inside the build, put a chest that u can acces from inside and outside on the base of the structure inside , then bingo u have a inraidable base a HUGE one with vaults NPCs working etc. I,m not playing conan anymore until fix this , have no point to fight against people that are super safe , what should i do ? Please fiz this fast plspls.
Sorry about my english but its easy to do.


If this exploit continues, I will also stop playing.


Post this in the Exploit hunters thread. Under-meshing is Cancer.


News and Announcements -> Christmas and Current Focus

tl;dr Various reported undermeshing fixes are being pushed to testlive soon.

Other then that, you should be using Exploit Hunters. Doing this only makes it more public and more people will take advantage of it while the fix get’s ready to come out.


nothing more to say.
so close this Thread