Huge Mitra Statue Inside Our Coliseum Building

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Region: [America]

[Hello everyone,
Some friends and I just rented a server a few days ago and started playing withou troubles. We built an giant Coliseum inspired on the original roman Coliseum, almost as big as the original. Everything was working fine, we’ve made some matches and fight events in there but yesterday just appeared a giant statue of Mitra in de middle of the arena. We tried to destroy it as admin but we cannot do anything against this huge statue. We do not know why it is in the middle of the arena from our Coliseum because it’s not a statue that you can craft or create as a player or admin. I’ve heard that this same statue suddently appeared in others servers as well. Can someone give us some fix to this problem?
I hope this issue has been noticed to ■■■■■■ already and they are working in some solution for this inconvenience.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Somebody summoned an avatar of Mitra, which you can do on private servers. Sounds more like one of your friends is playing a joke on you. Not a bug.

It’s not an Avatar of Mitra! Our first thought was exactly this joke you mentined and summoned the same avatar to compare and Mitra’s avatar is twice big as the statue in the middle of the arena. Nobody has the admin password besides me…

Hello @devmadBR, welcome to the forums!

Could you share a screenshot of this statue?

Could you also let us know which other servers have had this issue?


I’m a new user from the forum and can’t uplod images not even include links in a post. Is there any other channel I can rely to solve this issue?
I’ll check the name and region about the other server which has the same situation related to the giant statue and share as soon as I get.

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Hi, Dev, sorry for the issue, but perhaps we can help in another way while Norway is asleep.

If you could upload your screenshots to a file sharing site, someone here could recreate a link that is broken up, such as:
https:// forums
to bypass the limitation that is in place to avoid spam and such.
Please notice where I injected spaces and do it such that the preview pane shows text, not a link.

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You may post screenshots now.


Hi everyone,
This was the statue, I said “WAS” 'cause we manually restated the server and the statue has gone. The reason for its appearance continuous unknown but the problem is solved.
Thank you all for the support.


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