Huge problem cant progress at all

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Huge problem. Unplayable cant progress.

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Okay so can’t kill elephants and collect thick leather, cant kill slightly larger croc (elite) not boss croc, larger enemies make youcfall through world…so does brimstone…can’t harvest brim stone to make steel to make breathing mask or steel tools or weapons…game is most definitely unplayable…also abysmal snake is still glitched…are game developers even accountable for the products we pay for anymore? Please don’t turn into Bethesda’s and bungie and wild card and be a bunch of sell outs who don’t fix things cant get rid of white over lay on forum because first time user bot greeting notification is glitched. Unhappy. Love the game. Don’t want it to turn into fallout 4, ark, and many other games that had potential but became unplayable. Sorry for the rant.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.harvest brimstone, or kill slightly large enemy
2. Die by falling through world
3.lose all your stuff.
4.huge problem.

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