Hugo or Ignasis help me please!

To Hugo or Ignasis
I’m on the Official PvP 2111 on Xbox , in this server There are 2 Big clans that are building near all the obelisks . the buildings are no sense because they builded random foundation ( tier 0 wood and stone ) anywhere and now they Decided to build around the sulfur lake (I think that their idea is to block the sulfur area .)
I’ve no problem with a clan that build a giant base , but I do have problems with players that ruin the game experience to other players ( all the other clans knows about it and can’t stand it either)
I hope that someone can help us , thanks for your attention

@MetalCore97. Unfortunately this is allowed in the game. Not fair, toxic and unacceptable in my mind but like I said allowed by funcom. I recommend teaming with the other clan and try making these big clan leave your server.

Good luck to you.


Ok but this server crash a lot , I crash 8 time before I can join on the server … all of this construction don’t make the server more heavy and slower ?

Yes it does. If it’s to bad and you haven’t invest to much time into it I recommend changing server and eventually the server will die. Once the server dies the so called alpha will have to leave because they will be nothing to do and only than the server will be playable again. :frowning: When looking for a server take an hour’s run around the map check all the obelisk, the shattered spring all essential resources. This will give you a good idea as to if the server is a good one or a bad one.


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