Human sacrifices

Maybe nerf altars, and let Em produce zeal just when they have priest and “customer”, and customer Will work as fuel, and priest at altar let u craft stuff Wich grant u small zeal just when altar is fueled, stronger enemy u sacrifice longer it Will work,

Dont tel me u dont BBQ with Yog
Raping with Derketo
Animal abuse for Jabal
Feeding small snakes for Set
Idk what for Mitra
And Crom… U know…

mitra is about steal souls from their dead corpse to cleanse sins

Thx, wasnt sure what he wanted
but because he dont order direct sacrificces, iam not sure About that, u get soul esence but that guy even dont have sacrifce place/pot/bed/table

He would need some uniqe mechanice to purify siners or kill other religion priestes to gain his favor, as he hate worshiping others

What about something that doesn’t involve killing like food offering or something to Mitra.

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Yep, here can be something like that but for most gods, let the bodies hit the floor xD

If u offer fod let it be speciál, not just steak

And of course ymir is forgotten

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