Hunger system on moded servers

Is it possible to hope that Funcom will fix the problem with the hunger system on servers with modifications, since at the moment it does not work.
I understand that modifications are not part of the original game, but when playing solo, through the client, even if there are mods, the hunger system works, the problem is observed only on dedicated servers.


I wish you luck on an answer for this, I have been asking them for over a month about the patch to fix this issue and no word, no word ever, just its silent on that front.

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Funcom already mentioned that they have managed to find the root of the problem and they will patch it in the upcoming patches. They have no obligation to prioritize issues which affect modded private servers though. I am still grateful that the issue will eventually be resolved allowing us to continue enjoying our modded servers without missing out on the vanilla mechanics.

I agree, I also read somewhere that they know about the problem, but I did not hear any information about the intention to fix it. I hope you’re right and this will be fixed soon, yet the hunger system gives many advantages to slaves (quick treatment, + 14% to the growth of a certain characteristic and strength buff)

They will be ya. Soon, tm.

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Thx for the info mate, I heard they are preparing a paid DLC with a new map and most likely something else, there is a certainty that the fix will be rolled out with it.

you mean a fix on private servers? pfff tough luck bruh

By the way, about the map, in principle, it is expected, since in the game itself, who followed the plot, there is a mention of other lands of the exiles, where they wear the same bracelets of a different color =)

Hell yeah!!! Problem was fixed =)

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Although, now I can’t see the companion’s diet. Maybe now it is a mod issue after all?

Only have Hosav’s UI Modification and the Fashionable for Style.

I can see +14% to stats (really not sure if it works), +10% attack power, and faster healing.
the question is the percentage of attribute growth, for those who are not aware of the characteristics, they grow as follows, 2 characteristics with a higher chance grow by 2 positions, all the remaining ones by 1, and the total number of received attributes is absolutely random 5-7 per level. even in situations where, for example, strength is the first growth characteristic, it can be lower at the 20 level than a characteristic with a lower growth chance.
on a local server, I managed to grow a Darfari warrior 3 to health indicators of 10-12k with strength indicators of 40+, thanks to the better thrall mod (it allows you to reset the characteristics of a slave at the first level until they satisfy you) and a proper diet.

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