Hunter's View Mobs don't always spawn


Platform: PC
Game mode: Singleplayer
Version: 94750/17645
Problem: Bug

On occasion when I go to Hunter’s View there are no Mobs… not all the time. If I leave the area, say go to Ravager’s Cliff and come back they may respawn. But all the Humans in HUnter’s view just aren’t there. I can’t get it to reproduce by something I do. I’ve noticed it twice now on log in to single player. Dafari are all around so I can’t say if it is just this camp or all mobs of this kind.


If I leave the area… (got north a ways till the trees stop drawing) and then return they do spawn when I return. I know the game client basically only places objects down when you enter the area. So it may be related to that? I don’t know

I’ve lately noticed various NPC camps not spawning correctly. I am also in SP and there are no buildings nearby. When they do not spawn, the chests still contain loot.

I’ve tested this a few times.

If I log into Single player they are not there. (at the bed that is near by) if I move out of the area they will spawn when I come back.