Hunting experience new patch update 11.04

Hunting experience is definately better regarding teleporting animals, but I still notice some teleporting, as example the big rhino in the video and the elephants. The Rhino chases me, then starts return walking a few meters back to where it came from then suddenly teleports. I also notice as before, if you look at the elephants as an example in video, when you aproach them they seem to teleport a few meters forward when you are ready to attack them. Seems also like the animals have less aggro now, not sure if its intended, i like aggro.
But man its so fun anyway, i love this update, but it would be even more fun if the mechanics can be more like finetuned.!Au6ijRHGfxuOhl0IIiiwJIzy9qiC?e=4p7zYc!Au6ijRHGfxuOhl6GV86BWyV3-HRF?e=VwAXRk

Same with Elephant boss, when he runs out of his range he rubberband back:!Au6ijRHGfxuOhl9oYbjTpfUL5osy?e=1yHwBq

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Hey @Fixi, thank you for reporting this and providing videos showcasing the issue.

Could you clarify whether this has happened playing online or in single-player?

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Testlive EU2 official server

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