Hunting for Panther Meat

I am on the second scenario, on the Island of Tortage. I need to hunt for Panther Meat and get mushrooms bu the masoleum.

How do I kil a panther? They are very powerful and kill me before I can kill it. The bow and stone-tipped arrows are no good, because I have to be at close range to use it.

Where is the Masoleum?

Mausoleum is past the first Pict camp in White Sands; follow the river that runs past on the left hand side (with all the crocs). You might want to wait a few levels and do some more Tortage city quests first though if the panthers are killing you. There are a number of really easy ones to get you up past level 5-6…


Welcome, first of all. I guess you’re new of the game.
Are you playing a ranger? A rogue class (assassin, barbarian, ranger)? If this the case, don’t forget to use hiding skills, you will not consume energy, as rogue, moving hide and you will get always a vantage doing the first hit from shades.

As suggested by Broc, you could do other quests in the city to match your level with panthers’ one.
The Destiny quest, first of all. A long solo chain quest going along with you until level 80 , with good rewards and a nice story.


You can see the entrance to the mausoleum if you make the quest the active one. It will be marked with a orange X in the map, while other quest in your quest list show as blue/purple X or areas.

I usually go for the panthers only when they are a level or two higher than me or even later, but I still make sure to have all the best food buffs and make sure the have an escape route.
Getting in deep water is effective against them as non-ranged enemies don’t swim after you and can’t shot you, tho they may still prowl the nearest patch of solid ground.

I think I’m Level 7.

I’m playing a female Ranger. How do I use a hiding skill? How do
I know what level the panthers are?

Thanks Gleb.

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The panthers of White Sands are level 11, so tough for a level 7

Yeah, if you’re brand new to the game, killing mobs 4 levels higher than you will be hard at low levels, and especially if you pull more than one.

Also make sure you are wearing a piece of armour in each slot and that you haven’t entered White Sands on epic mode.

Hide hotkey when you have the skill is H

Unless you have somehow hidden the default option that auto-targets and shows the level of your enemy, you can check any enemy, NPC or player level just by left clicking on them, if you are close enough. This is still way further than any aggro range, so you’ll be safe while checking if your idea/attack is doable.

When you are a bit closer, you can cycle through close targets with Tab, tho they still may be outside attack range.

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Welcome to Age of Conan! Many others have given great advice. Be sure to eat, you will need and drink. Also, you may find it helpful to put healing and stamina potions on your hot bar so that you can access them immediately when you need them . When I do Tortage, I alternate between the destiny quest and the standard questing. That way, I can level and learn my toons abilities.

Rangers need to learn to use Hide to their advantage, make certain that you feat hiding, running and climbing. Don’t worry about skulking now. Fire your first shot from hide and follow immediately with a power shot. Also, you will get a trap that you can lay in the ground. If you target is still charging, let the trap slow them down and fire again.

Good luck and have fun!


Unluckily the default trap nowdays is the fire trap, leghold trap needs to be feated, and it requires higher level.

In any case, until lvl 40 you only have upper attacks, so your ranged “combos” are gimped, and you will have to rely more heavily on melee attacks, which (at least) are stronger at lower level. So, get familiar with weapon switch.


You can see that I don’t play ranger that much…got my traps confused…thank you Yawgmoth for setting things straight!



Well, the root trap used to be the default, but unluckily the (in)famous ranger revamp changed it too… :roll_eyes:

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