Huntress bow broken

Just crafted the Huntress bow. It gives no bonus stats. The wiki suggests it gives accuracy benefit.

If this is working as intended, then please consider it cost 3 times as much for as a feroxic bow - which has 1200, yes 1200 more durablity, bonus 10 to agility, and poison, with only minus 2 damage.


I guess wiki speaks about the legendary bow. Yet I am a little behind in Siptah so I cannot say something 100%. But the only huntress bow I know is this one

It is legendary, comes from legendary chests only. I believe the reference of wiki is for this bow.

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The Huntress is/was only a legendary drop. Are you sure it is not hunters bow you crafted?


I’ve found a few of those in legendary chest myself

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@OctaviousWrex , I have lost count :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Back in the days I was playing non stop with my pvp clan, day 3 every single archer in the base had a legendary. Yet I have to mention that my team mates were lazy, they liked only fast private servers :wink:.


In Exiled Lands you can find The Huntress in boss chests, unlockable with a key. This bow gives you the buff, and has good damage. A craftable Huntress on Siptah is not the same thing, and apparently gives no attributes to the user.



:bow_and_arrow: :slight_smile:


Argh ok thanks guys!

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Feroxic bow does not apply poison, just to clarify for anyone wondering.

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@Tuffman , Did you made any tests with poison, acid, or set arrows to check if it does something more?

No just firing regular arrows.

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I wonder why they made 2 separate bows, Huntress and THE Huntress, with such similar names.

Someone at Funcom must be a fan of DC Comics. :grin:

The Huntress 600


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