Hyborian Age lore query

Specifically the trigger for the Æsir-Vanir war in the Hyborian Age. I know about the real world equivalent from Võluspá- Oðinn hurled Gungnir over the heads of the Vanir gods.

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“Why do you have red hair? Freak!”
“Look who’s calling who a freak, blondie!”

And that’s how it really happened.

Remember how a few years ago, people were really, like to an annoying degree, into that “redheads don’t have souls” meme?

Well some Aesir teens caught wind of it…

Yeah. Howard simply borrowed some Scandinavian names for his northern peoples. The Aesir and Vanir in the Hyborian Age are not related to Scandinavian gods, they’re just people, and they fight for people reasons.

If you look at the real-world Scandinavian history, there has been a lot of brawling going on, both before and after tribes evolved into nations. Most of them were fought because someone wanted what their neighbors had.

Even though the two races of Nordheim are closely related, the Æsir and the Vanir despise each other for reasons that are never completely explained .
Unlike the feud between the Cimmerians and Picts, it’s never explored in detail but it could be a cycle of revenge whose origin has been lost to time or something more than that.
The only real hint That I could ever find as to the feud were these lines said by a Vanir warrior:

" Blood feud lies 'twixt these Aesir dogs and true Vanirmen ".

I believe Perhaps the Vanir consider themselves the true race of Nordheim.

Eh, I wouldn’t read too much into that. Sounds more like good old fashioned “no true Scotsman” rhetoric to me. Pretty much every conflict in human history has it. “We’re the true heirs to this land!” “We’re the true loyal ones to the crown!” “We’re the true followers of the gods!” “We’re the true arbiters of truth!” Pick whatever reason you want and you’ll find people on all sides claiming to be the “true” representatives of it.

As for what started this particular conflict, I have no idea and it doesn’t really matter. It’s clearly been going on for quite some time so whatever the first provocation was probably isn’t even relevant anymore.

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