Hyborian Slavers: Lost Colonies

In the Hyborian Lands, lost sailors discovered a new continent. The first explorers found it was already inhabited, but also found treasure and knowledge. They also found Exiles. Puzzled by this, they eventually found that old magic linked this new continent to certain places within the Cursewall.

When they brought word back, settlers were undeterred and many made the voyage, bringing their slaves and their culture. Clans vie to establish themselves, fugitive slaves try hide and survive, criminals and bandits prey on them (crime system), merchants build markets for rare artefacts and weapons (purchase thespians), mages and witches flourish (Vanilla, AoC, EEWA and TW magic), warriors and mercenaries ply their bloody trades (much PVE content), and bounty hunter chase down thieves and unowned slaves (bounty hunting).

Hyborian Slavers: Lost Colonies is a new extension of the Hyborian Slavers world, based on the Savage Wilds map. It is linked to the Exiled Lands through server transfer stones (AST), so Exiles and Colonists can move between the two maps (and share global chat). Players start in the Lost Colonies as newly arrived colonists or slaves. Lost Colonies is a simpler land than the Exiled Lands, with unlocked fast travel, and no established major factions (as yet)

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🗺️ Explore and establish a foothold in a newly discovered colony
⚔️ Survival (hard settings to force cooperation)
⛓️ Slavery (dark themes allowed but can be avoided)
⏳ Slow progression (get powerful slowly to give real power to more established
players, which can be overcome gradually)

Server Info

Server IP:
Slots: 2 x 70
Server location: Europe
Map: Savage Wilds with AoC / EEWA / Shima's Compendium (linked to Exiled Lands)
Rating: Adult-only
Language: English
RP type: Text
Type: PvE, RP, and ERP
Family sharing alts allowed
Regulated PvP (slave capture and bounty hunting only)
Building friendly (5k-10k limit)
New to RP friendly
TW, AOC, EEWA, Professions
No drop on death
No wipes or seasons