Hyborian Wayfarers wants new players!

Hey all, I’m a new player and I want to experience the content this game offers below level 80. For that reason I have created the Hyborian Wayfarers guild! This is a guild designed to bring brand new or returning players together to focus on the leveling journey.

If you’re anything like me you may feel overwhelmed by the veteran heavy balance of players and worry that there’s no place for anyone wanting to go through the game slowly, learn naturally as you level, make mistakes, etc. This is by no means a criticism of veteran players, I just know that anyone starting fresh off the slave galley with a modicum of self awareness can easily feel like they are either a burden in the context of group content, or that they must independently sort through information dumps thrown at them in chat/sift through various guides scattered about the web. For me this kills the fun that comes from the natural process of playing and learning as you go, something that is only possible in a group context in a multiplayer game.

Let’s explore the brutal Hyborian age and take on level appropriate challenges as a team instead of bugging the poor vets to walk us through the dungeons. Let’s make mistakes, die, learn, and grow together in a supportive environment!

Let’s come together and experience the leveling journey as it was intended!

So here I am inviting anyone looking for a group to play and learn with. You never need to worry that you’re playing catch-up, you never need to worry about making mistakes - that’s what happens when you’re new. So join the Hyborian Wayfarers, and we can fatfinger our combos to glory!

Ideally I want the Hyborian Wayfarers to become the nexus for players to experience 1-80 content and actually enjoy it. Far too often playing an MMO, especially an older MMO just ends up feeling like you’re “alone together” as a new player. It doesn’t have to be that way.

/Tell Solvarus in game to join, or post here with a good time to log in for an invite. I’m in the EST zone, and can hop on most evenings to accommodate invites, willing to hop in at any hour on weekend. The few who’ve joined thus far are in the CET zone.

This is a great idea, there’s not a lot of activity under level 80

Thanks! We’re still small but I’m starting to get the guild City going!