Hyborne Gaming › PC | Server Cluster | PvPvE | 15 Mods | Exiled map + SavageWilds | Character+Item Cluster Transfers ( Open/Looking for staff and content builders ❗ )

Cluster server You can travel between servers with your charachter and items

Check our discord for more Information. :slight_smile:

We are also currently open and looking for staff and content builders! ( come and share your ideas with us :slight_smile: )

[ Server Information ]

◈ No Wipes Planned
◈ Extra player proggression (levels)
◈ Custom kits
◈ Custom Dungeons
◈ Custom hub

[ Server Rates ]

◈ Experience = x2
◈ Harvesting = x2
◈ Max Player Lvl 300
◈ Purge lvl ( hardest )

:exclamation:We have gotten a whole channel full of information about systems and other stuff on our discord :exclamation:

[ Servers ]

:four_leaf_clover: [Exiles] -Clustered

◈Map: Exiles

◈ServerTitle: Hyborne Gaming Age Of calumitous/EEWA [2xH/2xExp] [15mods]


:four_leaf_clover: [SavageWilds] -Clustered

◈Map: SavageWilds

◈ServerTitle: Hyborne Gaming Savage Wilds Age Of calumitous/EEWA [2xH/2xExp] [15mods]


-[ Contact Us ]


[ Links ]

◈[ServerModlist]: Steam Workshop::Hyborne Gaming Conan Modlist

Great server! People are nice, rates are tweaked just enough to not be too grindy but not ruin the gameplay!

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We seem to have established a nice player base with 5 people on both servers at times :slight_smile: