Hybrid soldiers in CF - what type if any?

I’ve been trying to figure out what if any type of monster the hybrid types in Carpathian Fangs (Thermal Authority etc.) count as for achievements (kill 5000 Zombies for the points and title etc).

I know they don’t count as Vampires as I’ve checked (I thought they might because of the lore of their creation).

Any ideas? They probably should count as something as they are quite difficult to kill at appropriate IP level.

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I just checked too, and they do count as vampires. Strangely, Vampiric Messengers don’t count as vampires for the achievement count though!

EDIT: After checking on the others, Werewolf Messengers and Hybrid Messengers don’t count towards the achievement tallies either.

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I was incorrect. I checked Thermal, Cryo and Chemical types and they all DO count as vampires after all.

I don’t know how I missed that. I (thought I) checked my vampire count before and after killing some and I thought it did not go up. This time it did.

I suspect the Messengers don’t count because they never attack, they only respond defensively if you attack them.