Hyperborean Heavy Archer (Skull Gate Pass)

How should we deal with those beasts? Are those archers intended to kill anyone nearby or is there a way how to “disable” them?


Miniboss spawned in their camp and all the small minions got bugged in there. So we had to go in in order to finish wave but nobody could stand the heavy DPS.

Their HP were all the time at 100% and only hide was working - but you cannot kill 30 minions + miniboss in hide :slight_smile:

So I am just curious if anyone actualy killed them or found a way how to stay alive while dealing with miniboss in the camp.


They also hit you with “siege damage” for some reason…

You are not supposed to kill them I think.

Yeah i think you’re not Supposed to kill them, it’s just to protec spawn location, as in Kutch wave were mob spawn far were worm eat you :smiley: (in case some funny ppl would strike them at the place of spawn)


OK, I marked it as a “solution” as its logical.

But then we are in a trouble if any of those spawns got bugged in this “restricted area” = you are forced to wipe :frowning:

Yeah, we’ve got same issue :frowning: sometimes wolf or little mob stay stuck on spawn . . .

Two times we managed to unblock them, using a demo/sin en with their speed buff + their protec : Run/protec > Hit them > die. And after they restart to move normaly.

Hope FC resolv this spawn bug, in memory Kutch got same bug @launch

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