Hyrkanian Nights - 18+ HeavyRp

A hot winds blows from the east. Samite curtains shift and glint in the the light of the oil lanterns. The aging queen’s eyes open, and she beckons her bodyguard closer to whisper in his ear…

A hot wind blows from the east, and the squire-boy’s concentration is broken long enough to draw a cuff from his master. The boy sets his jaw in renewed determination as his master speaks…

A hot wind blows from the east. A terrifying moment of confusion as the snow-drifts under the shield-maiden’s feet seem to shift and surrender to greater force. She continues to drill with spear and shield; with every exertion a mutter of the same few words; over and over…

“Beware the Desert Falcon riding the blister-wind of the east.”

Hyrkanian Nights is a brand new server inspired by the brooding, dangerous, sensual imagery of the Tales of the Arabian Nights.

Discord: http://discord.gg/gMSkf42
Server IP: available in discord
Adult: all players required to be 18 years or over.

Established 30th March 2018, and funded for a year in advance - Hyrkanian Nights is co-founded by long-term RPers with experience in both tabletop and online roleplay. We’re seeking other dedicated roleplayers to be a part of an ongoing story about survivors gradually learning to thrive. We’re set squarely in the heart of Conan Lore; at an unspecified time in pre-history. Lore characters are not referenced; so only a broad understanding of Hyborean Age cultures is required.

Characters needn’t be Hyrkanian, or any of the eastern cultures. While “our” Exiled Lands are alluded to in RP as being more easterly than might be accepted as ‘standard’ they are still a place where unwanted folks are sent. Pict, Nordheimer, Cimmerian will be found fighting for a place here, just as much as any trueborn Turanian.

We’re primarily a PvE server -though willing to be flexible- and while players’ characters needn’t get along; we prefer most conflict to be sorted through diplomatic means; on the understanding that there are greater threats in exile there than a person willing and capable of having a conversation. Permadeath is at the sole discretion of the character’s owner.

XP and gathering rate are set at merely 1x - survival is tough, and progress is slow. By keeping these rates low, and leaving decay on; we will be shielded from the “Mega-build” spam that some servers labor under. In order to build large, it will ideally take a group working together; and our hope is that the low rates will also allow a more vibrant trade economy. It also makes loot from enemies considerably more valuable, and thralls of all tiers retain purpose and value as well.

Admins hold themselves to the same standards as all other members of the community. Anything built, wielded or worn by admins has been obtained by their hard work and gathering; the same as yours.

TL;DR - Hyrkanian Nights is a low-powered server where players’ characters become heroes by the sweat of their brow. Join now to help shape the culture of the server, and be part of creating a vibrant, thriving community.

Mods currently in use: (Admins open to further discussion)


Hello Conan Exile RPers! I’m the co-admin for this server and wanted to chime in on this thread. Having played in various other servers, I have to say that what I enjoy most about what Tarblood and I have created is the real feel of survival. Having characters work together to build and survive has been so much fun.

If you are curious at all about our server, please feel free to pop in and test it out. And bring a friend!

Looking forward to seeing new or experienced players and RPers. My name on the server is Akari.

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Just joined this server and they are amazing people, fun to play with and fun to chat with!

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Bumping this thread!

These guys are amazing, they’re friendly, funny, helpful and so much more. If you’re after a DECENT roleplaying server, then this is the one you’re looking for.

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Hey folks!

Just popping in with an update on Hyrkanian Nights! We’ve been growing steadily since our launch a few weeks ago; with an active population around 15 players. Currently ranked #69 (hurr hurr!) by battlemetrics, we’ve also expanded to 30 player slots to allow for our continued growth! Stop into discord and say ‘hello’, or come meet us in-character in-game! =)

Wanted to stop by and say this is one of the best servers I’ve been on. Great rp and great community. Stern and Akari have done a great job with running this server.


I’ll be popping into this server a little later today. Looks good on paper and might have filled the niche I was prepared to open my own server to fill. Came here to see what was already available and then promote my own. Glad I did so in that order. Cant wait to give this a look.

Veeeery interesting… An adult RP server that’s NOT PvP and ALSO focuses on actual Conan lore? That’s like… Never an actual thing. I might have to server play again and try this one out even (heavy work schedule permitting).

Oh, hey… Quick edit: What region is this server? I’m happy with my internet but do have obvious concerns about population at specific world time hours and also ping.

Mod list and settings look pretty good, btw.

Fantastic role playing server with some great players. I’ve been playing on it a lot.

So; a week post-launch, and the server continues to maintain a very steady population. Even our lowest off-peak times have 5 or more people online; going about their business; trading and building and most importantly: RPing!

Thanks to everyone thus far who has visited, or made Hyrkanian Nights their home. Mei’li/Akari and I (Oathbreaker/Stern) - along with the whole HN community; continue to welcome folks looking for a server with a philosophy of endurance, struggle and thriving in the face of adversity! See you soon, Exiles.

We’ve recently updated our FAQ: included below:

Name of Server: Hyrkanian Nights - 18+ HeavyRP
PvE or PvP? PvE
Age Restrictions: 18+ for dark, adult themes.
Physical Location of Server: Texas, US
Max capacity of server: 30
Max clan size: 6

XP rate: 1x (Slower progress makes all phases of the game more meaningful)
Gathering Rate: 1x (avoids mega-build-spam, and encourages groups to work together)
Day/Night Ratio: approx 90 minute days and 80 minute nights
Hunger/Thirst settings: 0.7/0.2/0.0 (Active/Idle/Offline)
Drop Equipment on Death: YES (To avoid the ‘skeleporting’/‘corpse-hearth’ exploit)
God Avatars Enabled: NO (Building is already tough enough)
Containers Ignore Ownership: NO (We use Unlock Plus for unlocking specific areas)
The Purge Activated: YES (Admins will be tweaking it carefully to maintain a balance between RP and Tension under threat of attack)

Peak Play Times: A true global server (Admins in US and Australia, and lots of EU players) Our lowest off-peak times have at least 5 players online.

Is there an application to join the server? No password or application process; though all players are held to the community standards posted in our discord.

Server Lore: We have a mix of hardcore Conan fans, and completely new players who have never read the novels. We do not reference key lore figures or events - think of our setting as a collection of parables from throughout the greater Hyborean era, more than a strict time period.

Are there any limitations to constructs you place? Are there any size regulations such as ‘block by block’ expectations?
No, the low harvest rate contains the ‘mega build’ spam that some servers labour under. Our key requirement is that builds ‘make sense’ in Conan lore. Build what you need. For instance; a clan might have a primary hub down near the river; but also have a small outpost up near the pirate ship, and a tiny fort by Seppermeru for thralls. There is plenty of leeway - if your build is creative and interesting, we’ll tend to embrace it. “Mega-cube”, “windowless tower to infinity”, “wall blocking key resources”, “obvious attempt at raid-proof with no thought for realism” are all unwelcome and will be deleted on sight.

How does building protection work on the server?
Being that we are PvE, builds are immune to damage from players. Decay is active. (though we will be very generous with the timer).

I don’t have Discord, is that required to join the server?
It is not required, but encouraged. Rules/expectations, announcements, getting to know other players on the server and so much more are only available on our Discord channel. You will still be held accountable to abide by our rules posted/updated even if you are not on Discord.

Is there an official server time when I can expect RP to be happening?
No. The server has no official time or specific RP time. The admins and members of the server cover the globe. Being heavy RP means 9 out of 10 times anything said in Local will be In-Character. We use General chat or our Discord channel to organize RP meet-ups and trades, etc.

Are there designated RP locations?
No, we are open world. Go forth and RP around the world!

How about the Purge system?
Yes, we will be using the Purge system when it is released. Be sure to keep this in mind when you are planning your construction.

Are there server events?
Server events are something that we would like to ‘grow into’. We encourage our members to speak up if they have one in mind. The admins can help out in any way reasonable. We offer you the chance to GM the event, if you would like, or the admins can help with that as well.

How lore-heavy is RP on your server?
We have a mix of hardcore Conan fans, and completely new players who have never read the novels. We do not reference key lore figures or events - think of our setting as a collection of parables from throughout the greater Hyborean era, more than a strict time period.

How ERP focused is the server?
The 18+ is more a tonal thing. We tend to favour dark stories; and simply keeping an adult server means there is room for the people who do want to get involved in any sort of mature content a ‘safe’ space to do so.

I made a mod, or have a mod suggestion! Can we use it?
Please bring it to the admins attention! We are open to suggestions and recommendations. There are certain aspects we look at when choosing a mod: 1) nothing that affects power in any way (ie; no adding high-powered armour or weapons, tier 4 building pieces, or levels over 60). 2) nothing that affects changes we may be yet to see (no “petmod” that enables training pets, when pets are going to be added soon, etc.). 3) nothing immersion-breaking (if it doesn’t fit fully within Conan exiles, then it doesn’t belong).


Would someone who has never RP’d but wants to learn be welcome?

I’ve been watching some streams of RP’ers playing and really really enjoy it and fancy giving it a try.

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I am not able to get into any of the online RP’ing yet, but I’m putting a pin on this for later: you guys have me VERY interested.

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Absolutely, Ignitia. We’re text-based and semi-long-form RP; so the pace may be slightly slower than what you’re accustomed to; depending on what streams you watch - but yes, we definitely will be welcoming to a learner - we have plenty of new and experienced players. You’ll find a place to fit!

Ok, great. I’ll come check the server out later today, thanks.

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The specific server consists of awesome community and very deep, fast evolving and ever growing roleplaying arcs.

Within just afew days of me being part of the community, I went deep in stories that were taking place and experienced the RP abilities of the players!
Highly recommended and dayum, you wont see it comming!

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