I alliance with and they sent me a pic of event saying that i destroyed one of thier foundation and i didn't do anything at all why is my name in the event why the game saying that i destroyed and i didn't even their bases nothing happened to it?!

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People will need more information type of server official or private. A screen shot would be ideal.

Pve-c Pvp pve

Ok i want you to know I had a similar problem on the server i was on. Someone can join the server and name their character your name and add (clan name) to the end of it and go around and cause trouble making it look like you did it from your clan.


I think you’re supposed to put the bug report in the post, not crammed entirely into the title


Yeah xD

Never thought of that I know alot of people have been ripped off by joining a clan and getting kicked after.

It isn’t a bug, but I’d call it an exploit where someone can create a character to match your character name (and clan) just to “frame” you.
No safeguards against that (afaik)…. unfortunately to prevent that type of spoofing.
The only thing I can possibly think of that might prevent that is for the Admin to look up your UUID and compare that to the one who is framing you.
It might be a very cruel way of telling you they don’t want you on their server.
Definitely a very cruel joke.

Jokes aside. Only ONE foundation and they’re screaming about it?
What are THEY doing? Spamming foundations?

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