I also paid for premium and got no activation of it!

Pls activate my account as I made the payment with no problems.
Account name: Edit by Melcom
Thank you!


The account is yet to be activated…But I made a mistake as I have discovered that under my account name I have 2 user names witch is basically 2 game accounts and…at the time of selecting payment I have selected the one I don’t use.
I have discovered that if I change the Username I have different status under the Membership Validation witch is not good.
So even if they activate my memberships will be useless to me.
Can it be changed, I highly doubt that but worth to ask, or I just lost my money.
Not that I have a high lv character on the user account I play 32 but to many quests requires help from others and don’t want go trough again.

Suggestions or solutions? Thank you,

Edit: It is activated…the user name account I don’t use. I guess I either play on this one or lose my money. What a stupid thing from my part to not look close. Sorry for the trebles .

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